Miracle 2000 32oz All-In-One Nutritional Blend by Century Systems

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Your daily vitamins & energy pick-me-up—all in 1 capful a day. Made with Calcium (250mg), 18 herbs, 72 trace minerals, & 8 amino acids.

Miracle 2000 32oz All-In-One Nutritional Blend Highlights:

  • The liquid multivitamin you drink— reimagined in its most natural state
  • $1 a day keeps dietary gaps away
  • Great taste & easy to swallow
  • FDA Inspected Plant
  • 100% Natural
  • GMP Certified
  • Major Allergen-Free
  • Made in the USA


Total nutrition please—hold the hassle: Century Systems have done the obsessive research so you don’t have to, and now they provide you total nutrition, simplified for your use.

Goodbye, nutrient overload: Instead of trying to manage the crazy ingredient overlap of 7-9 different pills, let’s keep it simple. Now, take ONE multivitamin—optimally balanced, just for you.

Feels good, tastes good: Consistency is easier when something feels good and tastes good. That’s why we’ve stepped in—to open a new multivitamin doorway.

How To Use:

  1. Please shake well before using every time.
  2. Take just 1 capful daily (1oz) with or after meals.
  3. High energy lifestyle? 1 cap per 100 lbs of weight.
  4. Children use 1/2 teaspoons per 25 lbs of weight.


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