Ohana Pro 30g Protein Shots By Ohana Liquids

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Flavor: Passion Fruit
Size: Single Vial


Get 30g of protein in under two seconds with 3.2 ounces of Ohana Pro! 

Ohana Pro comes in fresh fruit and coffee flavors, great to consume cold or at room temperature. This is very refreshing when considering most RTD drinks are some variant of chocolate or vanilla.

Ohana Pro 30g Protein Shots By Ohana Liquids Highlights:

  • Little Package, Lots of Protein - Only 3.2 oz for 30 grams of protein
  • Predigested (Hydrolyzed) so the protein is absorbed fast - It is actually made up of predigested protein peptides, this is what the stomach acid does to protein before it can be digested. This hydrolyzation results in the protein getting into the bloodstream MUCH faster than other protein sources like Chicken breast, steak, eggs, other protein drinks made up of whey or casein.
  • The drink is heat stable - The vial can be in a gym bag, or the trunk of a car for months without going bad. And being a fruit flavor, not chocolate or vanilla, drinking the Ohana Pro at room temperature still tastes great.
  • Easy Traveling - Being 3.2 oz the Ohana Pro can be taken through TSA for air travel.
  • Indestructible Protein - The vial container is “virtually indestructible” making Ohana Pro a hardy nutrition source for military, hikers, or other users who do not have the luxury of a cooler.
  • Lightweight - At only 3.2 oz the small vial can be stored in school backpacks, baby diaper bags, purses, or gym bags. Do you really want your 10-16 oz heavy chocolate protein drink to be your primary hydration after a hot workout just because you need protein? At only 3.2 oz Ohana Pro protein shots can be consumed allowing you to drink water or your favorite hydration drink to quench your thirst and hydrate your body the way YOU want.
  • Fast consumption - Ohana Pro at 3.2 oz can be consumed in 1-2 seconds. Much faster than any “Ready to Drink” single-serve protein on the market, which is generally 8-14oz. Protein Powder products must be carried in a shaker cup, a water source must be handy, then 8-16 oz of fluid must be consumed, not to mention the cleanup. Food sources of protein, even after cooking take time to eat, not to mention the cleanup.
  • Non-Bloating - Ohana Pro being only 3.2 oz does not cause bloating or feeling overly full like a large volume “Ready to Drink” (RTD) protein source. When on the go, no one wants the “Sloshy” feeling of having just drunk an 8-16 oz protein shake or “RTD” Also, being “predigested” through the hydrolyzation process, there is no stomach bloating or gassiness that can come with other protein drinks.

Nutrition Facts:

Creators of the original protein shot, Ohana Liquids brings decades of innovation in product design and manufacturing to the health and nutrition industry. Great tasting, convenient, and ultra-concentrated, Ohana products are ideal for a modern hectic healthy lifestyle. The ultimate "on the go" protein product!

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