OvaEasy Egg In A Cup - Sea Salt & Pepper (13g protein per cup!)

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OvaEasy Egg In A Cup is the easiest way to eat scrambled eggs you'll find anywhere! Made with OvaEasy secret process, they really taste just like fresh eggs. Try it in the delicious Sea Salt & Pepper flavor!

Made with OvaEasy revolutionary Egg Crystals, these cups require no refrigeration and can go with you wherever you go. Take one to the office, to the gym, or to your dorm. If you have a microwave, delicious scrambled eggs are just seconds away!

OvaEasy Egg Crystals are made with their own proprietary crystal freeze-drying technology that dries them under 130º F, preserving their fresh taste and high-quality proteins! No other company in the world does what they do.  

All-natural, no junk. Just pure, delicious egg and flavors. Each cup is a hearty breakfast of 2 eggs.

OvaEasy Egg In A Cup Highlights:

  • Keto-friendly
  • 12-13g Protein
  • 0-2 Carbs
  • Each cup is a hearty breakfast of 2 eggs

Instruction: Just add water, microwave, and enjoy!

How to cook OvaEasy Egg in a Cup


OvaEasy has been working on a new food dehydration technology since 2001. They've invented a way of drying eggs so that they keep all of their fresh flavor and functionality. Their egg crystals are the only dehydrated egg that actually tastes just like fresh eggs. And since they focus on the fundamental processing technology itself, they don't need to add chemicals, preservatives, or any other additives to their products. The eggs they produce are pure and 100% natural!

Ingredients: Whole Egg Crystals (Dried Whole Egg, Yolk, and Egg Whites) Sweet Cream, Sea Salt, and Black Pepper.

Allergens: Contains Egg and Milk

This product was processed on machinery that was used to process products containing soy.

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