Simply Snackin' Protein Snack - Jumbo 8 Flavor Variety Pack

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Perfect for on the go satisfying snacks. Simply the BEST in protein snackin!

This 8 Flavor variety pack includes the following products:

Simply Snackin' Chicken Protein Snacks - are produced from poultry raised according to American Humane Certified standards on family farms in the Midwest..  No antibiotics -  EVER.  No added hormones. And to this lean chicken breast meat, the finest in dried fruit, vegetables, and savory spices are added.  And then time for some leisurely roasting and a touch of smoke.

Simply Snackin' Beef Protein Snacks - Lean, natural grass fed beef is combined with the finest fruits and spices, then leisurely roasted and lightly smoked to produce an entirely different kind of high protein treat unlike jerky or other meat snacks.

Shelf Life: 4 Months

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