Wellness Protein Drink by VidaFuel - 16g Collagen & Whey Protein Per 2oz Shot

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Flavor: Citrus Burst
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Boost your day with VidaFuel – Your daily protein powerhouse!

Introducing VidaFuel, a top-tier protein supplement designed to rejuvenate your day. Housed in a 32 fl oz carton, each 2oz shot of VidaFuel delivers efficient nutrition in a convenient format. Packed with a robust blend of whey and collagen protein, a single serving provides 16g of protein and a mere 4g of sugar. This blend is specifically engineered to reinforce muscle mass and strength, enhance joint and bone health, and comprises all 20 amino acids to escalate energy production, immune function, and nutrient absorption.

Bid farewell to artificial sweeteners and the unwelcome aftertaste they often carry. VidaFuel is committed to being artificial sweetener-free, ensuring a smooth and refreshing taste with every sip. Crafted by expert dietitians, this formula is fine-tuned to deliver vital macronutrients without the surplus sugar, fat, and calories, making it a swift, straightforward, and budget-friendly choice for enriching your daily nutrition.

VidaFuel is geared to provide essential nutrients precisely when you require them, offering a rapid and effortless way to augment your daily nutrition. Kickstart your day the intelligent way with VidaFuel.

Brought to you by dietitians, VidaFuel delivers superior nutrition with unparalleled convenience.

Key Features of Wellness Collagen and Whey Protein Drink by VidaFuel:

  • A generous 16g of complete protein per 2oz serving
  • Composed of collagen and whey protein
  • Includes all 20 amino acids
  • Absolutely no artificial sweeteners!
  • Ideal for those with kidney conditions or diabetes

Supports a variety of needs:

  • Extra protein requirements for individuals undergoing dialysis or cancer treatment
  • Assisting with post-surgery recovery
  • Combatting loss of muscle or weight
  • Providing bone and joint support
  • General wellness

Energize your day with VidaFuel!

Citrus Burst

Berry Delight

Wellness Protein Drink by VidaFuel - 16g Collagen & Whey Protein Per 2oz Shot

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