Wing Time Buffalo Wing Sauce

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Flavor: Hot, 13 fl oz
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  • Low Carb, Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free, Preservatives Free

Wing Time Buffalo Wing Sauce is a low carb, sugar free sauce that's great on chicken wings and anything else you want to liven up with flavor. Wing Time Sauce is all natural, gluten free, and contains no preservatives.

Mild - A great mellow sauce with parmesan cheese. For those who want the full-bodied taste without the traditional heat. Wing Time added parmesan cheese to liven up the taste buds. Just a little warmth to remind you that these are buffalo wings you're eating.

Medium - The traditional buffalo wing sauce. A perfect blend of taste and heat. You're just finished enjoying the zesty flavor and then the spiciness creeps up on you.

Hot - Not for wimps. For wing connoisseurs and fiery food chileheads who like the heat as much as the flavor.

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