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How do I find the product I want?

I don’t see the product I want?

How does the shopping cart work?

Weight Loss and Nutrition

How do I know which products I need before and after weight loss surgery?

Why do I need bariatric supplements?


Which other promotions do you have?

How does the subscription program work?

How does your low price guarantee work?

Which payment methods can I use?

Is the BariatricPal Store a secure site?

Shipping and Tracking

Which shipping options do you offer?

What are your shipping fees?

Will my order be in plain packaging?

When will my order arrive?

How can I track my order?

How can I unsubscribe or subscribe to shipping notifications?


May I return an unopened product?

I don’t like my product. Can I return it?

How do I return a product?

Subscription Program

How does your subscription program work?

What are the benefits of the subscription program?

How do I edit, cancel or pause my subscription order?

Affiliate Program

How does the affiliate program work?

How can I sign up for your affiliate program?

I don’t see the answer to my question

I don’t see the answer to my question?

PatchMD Vitamin Patches

Frequently Asked Questions about PatchMD Vitamin Patches

What are PatchMD Vitamins?

How PatchMD patches are better than pills or powders?

What happens when you take your supplements orally?

How PatchMD patches are better than pills or powders?

Can anyone use Topical Patches?

Are Topical Patches safe to use?

How do I use a Topical Patch?

But do I have to wear the Topical Patch on a certain part of my body?

Will the Topical Patch irritate my skin?

Can I wear more than one patch at a time?

What if I forget to use my Topical Patch one day? Are there consequences to missing a day when I am using the Patches in a cyclical fashion?

Are Topical Patches waterproof?

Are there any side effects to wearing Topical Patches?

Can I use the Topical Patch when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Are the Topical Patches of PatchMD Ephedra-free?

Can I use more than one Weightloss Patch at the same time? Will an added patch help me lose more weight?

Will the Topical Weightloss Patch make me anxious like weight loss drugs?

How should I store the Topical Patches?

Can Topical Patches be taken on an airplane in my carry on luggage?

Why should I buy my PatchMD Topical Patches from BariatricPal when there are other patch products on the market?

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