Noodles and Pasta: Your Weight Loss Weapon

Alex Brecher

What would you do if you lived in a world where pasta was high-protein, low-carb, and diet-friendly? Guess what: you’d better start thinking about it, because you do live in that world! Maybe you’d try one of these high-protein recipes and lose weight a little faster.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Nothing says comfort, home cooking, and weight gain better than tuna noodle casserole – until now. Make it with Quest Spinach Fettuccini Pasta, and your casserole will say comfort, home cooking, and weight loss. Toss it with prepared BariatricPal Cream of Mushroom Protein Soup and add your choice of vegetables such as green peas, diced carrots, and zucchini slices. Season it with soy sauce and garlic and onion powder to taste, and bake it.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Here’s an old classic, without the classic carbs and saturated fat. Heat up Low-Carb Spaghetti and toss it with ground turkey meatballs seasoned with Tomato Parmesan Flavor Pack. Cover it with chunky tomato sauce, and finish off your low-carb, high-protein dish with shredded low-fat parmesan cheese. Hint: if you just want to heat and eat, go for BariatricPal Spaghetti Bolognese!

Spinach Fettucine Alfredo

Skip the Italian restaurant’s version of this dish, and save yourself 1,000 or more calories plus hundreds of grams of carbs. Start with BariatricPal cheesy Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta. You can make the dish your own by adding as many veggies as you want; spinach leaves, sliced carrots, and broccoli florets are popular choices. You can also get an extra dose of protein by mixing in cooked chicken breast, shrimp, or crab meat.

Mac and Cheese

Here’s a creamy, satisfying version you can make yourself using BariatricPal High Protein Fettuccini. Heat the pasta, then melt in 2 ounces low-fat or fat-free cheese singles (American cheese) or spreadable cheese wedges. Top with 2 tablespoons low-fat Parmesan topping and add black pepper to taste.

Okay, this isn’t quite “macaroni” and cheese, since you’ll be using spaghetti or fettucine shaped noodles. But feel free to cut the noodles before cooking them if you prefer the shorter pieces.

Chicken Noodle Soup

What better to curl up with on a cold day or when you’re feeling a little down than a big bowl of chicken noodle soup? When you opt for low-carb noodles, there’s no reason not to. Add a bag of BariatricPal High Protein Fettuccini to BariatricPal Protein Chicken Bouillon, then mix in your favorites. You can add chunks of cooked chicken breast, cooked vegetables like green beans, cole slaw (shredded cabbage) mix, onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes, or broccoli – be creative! With the mix of protein, antioxidants, and fiber, you can’t help but feel better with this soup.

Chow Mein

Put down the phone. Don’t call for Chinese take-out. Go for your own chow mein instead. Drain Low-Carb Spaghetti well, then heat it in a pan with a bit of sesame oil. Mix it with soy sauce, red pepper flakes for spice, garlic, and onions, then add your choice of veggies and diced chicken or lean beef.

These recipes can keep you excited about your diet while keeping the calories and carbs down. They’re easy to make, and you can tweak them to meet your needs. Bon appetit!