Weight Loss, Portion Control & Food Scales: What You Need to Know

Weight Loss, Portion Control & Food Scales: What You Need to Know

Alex Brecher

Do I really need a food scale?

It seems to me that this is a commonly asked question in weight loss surgery forums.  In short, the answer is YES!  Most people will underestimate their portion sizes, which results in overeating and you guessed it, weight gain!  At the very least it will eat away at your potential for weight loss.  Using a food scale to measure your portions will keep you honest and help you to avoid costly setbacks.

Registered Dietitian Melissa Herrmann Dierks adds:

When working on weight management, a food scale can help you consume a more consistent calorie intake, which will result in a more consistent weight loss.  So often people lose a little, then gain a little, and feel they are not making progress toward their weight goal.  That is because their calorie intake varies from day to day.   A food scale, along with measuring cups, can help you meet your weight and health goals.

As a bonus, using a food scale on a regular basis at home will help train your eyes & brain to recognize healthy portion sizes. After all, you won’t want to bring your food scale with you everywhere. Next time you’re out to eat, or at a party, you will find yourself better equipped to determine how much of that oh-so-good pasta you really should have.