New Brand: CanDo

New Brand: CanDo

Alex Brecher

This brand’s name says it all: CanDo! It can turn staying on your keto diet into a “can do.” It can make loving your keto diet a “can do.” Once you taste CanDo Keto Crisp Protein Bars, you may be saying “can do” to your health and weight loss goals. Here’s what you should know.

Keto-Friendly Fat Bombs

Sometimes it can be hard to find a snack or meal that you feel good about on a keto diet. It’s hard to get enough fat while keeping carbs low, or you might find ingredients that aren’t too salubrious. CanDo Keto Crisp Protein Bars have up to 19 grams of fat per bar, and the ingredients are natural.

The majority of the fat in these bars comes from sources such as almonds and coconut. The coconut is a source of medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs, which is often highly sought after on a keto diet. The bars are gluten-free, free from grains, and plant-based. They are sweetened with stevia, a natural low-calorie, low-carb sugar substitute.

Scrumptious Flavors

CanDo Keto Crisp Protein Bars come in these flavors.

  • Almond Butter. Pure, salty, sweet, and satisfying, this bar is simple and oh, so good for a keto diet.
  • Almond Butter Chocolate Chip. It’s hard to improve on pure almond butter, but adding chocolate chips is a good strategy!
  • Almond Butter Blackberry Jelly. This bar is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but - don’t tell anyone - it may even be better!
  • Chocolate Mint. Just like the favorite ice cream, this bar has more than a hint of mint and a generous amount of chocolate, but it doesn’t have the guilt linked to the ice cream.
  • Chocolate Raspberry. There is some fruit and some chocolate. What could be better?
  • Maple Salted Caramel. This flavor is Limited Edition, so don’t miss your chance! It’s sweet, salty, buttery, and irresistible. 

  • Nutrition That Fits into Your Diet

    Each CanDo Keto Crisp Protein Bar has about 10 grams of protein, or the amount in ½ cup of cottage cheese or 1.5 ounces of tuna or chicken. They have a whopping 9 to 11 grams of dietary fiber. Together, the protein and fiber can help reduce blood sugar swings and keep you from being hungry or craving carbs for a long time.

    You can feel good about eating this bar on a keto diet because it has only 4 to 5 grams of net carbs, depending on the flavor. Each bar has 210 to 250 calories.

    You can purchase one bar at a time or they come in 12-bar boxes. We suggest getting a variety of flavors because you won’t want to miss any!

    CanDo Keto Crisp Protein Bars may be just what you need to keep you on track on a low-carb or keto diet. They’re high in filling protein and fiber, they taste amazing, and they are low in net carbs. You can take them anywhere to enjoy as a healthy snack or meal replacement. Try them today to see how much fun weight loss can be!

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