New Brand - Rawmantic Chocolate

New Brand - Rawmantic Chocolate

Alex Brecher

Did you know that a bariatric surgery diet can be delicious, easy, and full of real ingredients? Take a look at Rawmantic Chocolate, for example. These bars are made with nothing but the finest organic and vegan ingredients, and they’re made with raw chocolate so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body as you lose weight and look great.

The Scoop on Raw Chocolate

What’s so special about Rawmantic Chocolate? Here’s an explanation of how raw chocolate is produced. Cacao beans grow on trees in pods. After the pods are harvested, or picked, the cacao beans are taken out of the pods. They are fermented and dried.

Most often, these cacao beans are processed with heat. That is, they are roasted until they turn into cocoa. Next, this cocoa is often mixed with sugar and fat and put on a store shelf in a form such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or chocolate products, such as chocolate milk or chocolate cake.

To make raw chocolate, the cacao beans are never exposed to heat over 42 degrees. The goal is to keep the enzymes strong and maintain levels of minerals and antioxidants. Rawmantic Chocolate can fit into a diet that is completely raw, or you can just add Rawmantic Chocolate as part of your overall healthy eating plan. 

Nutrition in Rawmantic Chocolate Protein Bars 

Should you really be eating something as delicious as chocolate if you’re trying to lose weight and be healthy? Take a look at some facts on Rawmantic Chocolate Protein Bars before you make your decision!

Organic Protein Bars by Rawmantic Chocolate have 10 grams of protein each, with organic vegan protein powder providing most of it. They are high in healthy fats from sources such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and nuts. Other ingredients are superfoods such as buckwheat, millet, and quinoa. The bars are low in carbs.

Chocolate itself is high in nutrients. It has antioxidants that have been linked to certain heart benefits. It is a source of minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, It’s also high in dietary fiber.

All ingredients in Rawmantic Chocolate Organic Protein Bars are natural. These bars are organic and vegan, or completely plant-based. They’re also raw. The smaller versions have 130 calories and are nut-free. The larger bars have 220 calories and contain nuts such as almonds or walnuts.

Delicious Regular and Nut-Free Flavors for Anytime

You can take these bars with you for a snack or enjoy them as a quick meal replacement. They come in great-tasting flavors.

It’s always great to find a product that can fit into your weight loss plan and is healthy enough to make you feel good about eating it. Rawmantic Chocolate Organic Protein Bars are natural and raw, making them a perfect choice for getting some protein and some superfoods, such as walnut, chia seeds, and quinoa. Try them today and see if they become your new best friend in healthy eating!

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