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What are your sweetener options? Until now, you may have been choosing between calorie and carb-laden added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and funny-tasting natural substitutes. Now, RxSugar is here as a great-tasting, calorie-free sweetener. Here is the scoop.

Benefits of Allulose 

RxSugar contains allulose. Allulose has no calories or carbohydrates, unlike added sugars such as white and brown sugar, honey, and corn syrup. Allulose:

  • Does not contribute to weight gain.
  • Does not affect blood sugar and is safe for people with diabetes.
  • Is natural and has no artificial components.
  • Does not contribute to an upset stomach the way some sugar substitutes do.
  • Tastes like sugar with no aftertaste.

RxSugar is vegan, keto-friendly, and non-GMO.

RxSugar Canister

RxSugar Canister may be what you have been hoping for: something that tastes like sugar and acts like sugar in food, but has none of the negative effects of sugar such as causing weight gain or blood sugar spikes. Instead, it is naturally calorie-free due to the way your body processes its ingredient, allulose.

With RxSugar Canister, you can bring back sweetness to your entire day. That can include a spoonful of sugar on your Protein Oatmeal or Cereal at breakfast, or sweetness in plain yogurt or grapefruit or other fruit. You can even bake low-carb recipes with it, such as with almond flour or Low-Carb Baking Mix.

RxSugar Packets

Do you start your day with a coffee beverage to jolt you awake? Does your morning or afternoon include a hot or iced coffee drink to keep you focused? How do you like the 45 grams of sugar you may be getting? They may not be helping your blood sugar, energy, or waistline!

Instead, RxSugar Packets and Liquid Sugar can sweeten your coffee or tea without adding calories or carbs. The Packets come in convenient sticks that you can carry in a purse or pocket to discreetly add to your beverage while on the go. Aside from adding a Stick or Splash to black coffee or plain tea, they can go into coffee beverages with ingredients such as:

  • Vanilla
  • Cocoa
  • Cinnamon
  • Almond milk
  • Cream (on a high-fat keto diet)
  • Sugar-Free Syrup

Each box of RxSugar Packets has 30 sticks and RxSugar Liquid Sugar has 95 servings.

RxSugar Pancake and Chocolate Syrup

Next time you whip up some Protein Pancakes or open a Protein Waffle, you can have syrup with it without guilt! RxSugar Pancake and Chocolate Syrups are 100% sugar-free, carbohydrate-free, and calorie-free, but 100% delicious. On a keto diet, feel free to put them over whipped cream, and on high-protein diets, they can go over ricotta or cottage cheese to make every breakfast special.

The BariatricPal Store always wants to offer our customers the best products, and RxSugar is a must-have. It lets you bring sweetness to everything you want in your diet without going off your diet at all, and it tastes like sugar without any artificial components or calories. We hope to make your weight loss journey as easy and successful as possible, so be sure to see what sugar-free treats, protein meals and snacks, and other delights are in stock!

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