Quick Breakfasts for Weight Loss in the New Year

Quick Breakfasts for Weight Loss in the New Year 0

Happy New Year! For many of us, this is the first full week back at work of 2020. It is also the first full week of renewed commitment to weight loss. That means high-protein, quick breakfasts may be in high demand. The BariatricPal Store has what you need to get each day started on the right foot regardless of how little time you have or where you are when it is time to eat.

Protein Oatmeal

A comforting bowl of warm oatmeal is even more comforting when you know that it can help you lose weight and will not take too long to make. Protein Oatmeal can be just the thing. It is made with heart-healthy whole grains, but has less than half the amount of carbs as regular oatmeal. Protein Oatmeal can save over 20 grams of sugar compared to regular flavored oatmeal, plus it has 15 grams of protein to help get you through the morning with even-steven blood sugar.

Protein Oatmeal is packaged in single-serving packets and needs only water and a microwave or stovetop, so you can make it quickly and without measuring or fuss. Eat it at home or take it to work, and have it on its own or with a bit of fruit, nuts, or an egg. Flavors include Regular, Apple Cinnamon, Peaches and Cream, and Maple Brown Sugar.

Protein Cereal

Do you remember when eating cereal meant pouring bowl after bowl from a large box? At 30 grams of carbohydrates or more per serving, that cereal breakfast could have 60 or more grams of carbs, along with a blood sugar spike to leave you feeling lethargic and hungry a few hours later. Protein Cereal has convenience, taste, and crunch, but no forbidden temptations or guilt.

Each serving has 12 or more grams of protein, and is low in carbohydrates and sugar. When browsing the store for heck for varieties high in fiber or gluten-free if needed, and if portion control is a problem, look for boxes with single-serving packets. Flavors include Honey Nut, Vanilla Almond, Cinnamon Vanilla, Cocoa, Mixed Berry, and granola. Have them anywhere, anytime, on their own or with milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese, fruit, and/or nuts.

Protein Muffins

Protein Muffins may be a dream come true for dieters. A 500-calorie muffin from a bakery can come with 40 grams of sugar, 70 grams of carbs, and half a day’s worth of fat, while Protein Muffins can have less than half the calories, a quarter of the sugar, and a third of the fat. Plus, they deliver about 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber to stave off hunger for hours, along with gut-friendly probiotics.

Protein Muffins are ready in less than a with just water. You can make them in their convenient self-contained cups and have a freshly made muffin on the go or at home, on its own or with fat-free cream cheese, peanut butter, or a piece of fruit. We have 14 flavors, including Blueberry, Double Chocolate, S’mores, Lemon Poppy Seed, Pumpkin Spice, and Cinnamon Roll.

Breakfast can be healthy, hearty, delicious, and easy - in short, it can be everything you want when you shop at The BariatricPal Store. Try our breakfasts and other products to get 2020 started right. Happy New Year!

Post-Workout Snacks for Lean, Mean, Calorie-Burning Machines (You!)

Post-Workout Snacks for Lean, Mean, Calorie-Burning Machines (You!) 0

You may be killing it in the gym, but are you eating properly to support those tough workouts? What and when you eat after you exercise helps determine your recovery. Eating within an hour of finishing your activity helps your muscles recover fast and allows your energy stores to replenish faster. The results, such as lowering injury risk and feeling better at your next workout, let you lose more weight.

The ideal post-workout snacks provide protein for your muscles and carbohydrates for your energy stores. They need to be convenient and ready-to-eat or quick-cooking so you can eat them as soon as possible after finishing your exercise, even when you are at the gym or hurrying back to work. The BariatricPal Store has great-tasting post-workout snacks you can look forward to each day.

Protein Muffin:

The promise of FlapJacked Mighty Probiotic Muffins as your post-workout snack may be enough to get you through your workout. These muffins are so delicious that you will forget that you are eating them for their health benefits, including protein, fiber, and gut-healthy probiotics. Each one has about 20 grams of protein, 200 calories, 20 grams of carbohydrates, and 5 grams of fiber. Flavors include Chocolate Peanut Butter, S’mores, Cinnamon Apple, Maple Pumpkin, and so many more!

Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is naturally rich in protein and fiber, but why deal with all of the calories when you can opt for Peanut Butter Powder instead? Each serving has 6 grams of protein, but only 40 calories, compared to 190 calories in a serving of regular peanut butter! Just mix it with water to turn it into a peanut butter spread to have with apples, a whole-grain piece of toast, or celery sticks, or add it to your favorite smoothie recipe. Choose from Original and Chocolate flavors. Each jar has 15 servings.

Non-Potato Chips:

Grab a healthy snack...such as potato chips! BariatricPal Protein Chips have 10 grams of protein and 14 to 16 grams of carbohydrates to show your body some love after a tough workout. These chips also have 5 grams of fiber, which is extra important after exercising because exercise boosts appetite and can lead to overeating to compensate. Choose from Barbecue Crunch, Ranch Crunch, and Sea Salt and Vinegar Crunch, to get the flavors you love without the extra starches and fats. They come in single bags, 7-pack boxes, and cases of 80 bags.

Healthy Carbs:

If you are looking for some of the world’s healthiest carb sources to refuel your body, Detour Smart Gluten-Free Protein Bars answer the call. They have 150 calories and their first ingredient is organic whole-grain oats, which are known for their heart-healthy properties. They have 10 grams of high-quality protein and have fiber from a prebiotic known as inulin. These bars are as delicious as they sound, with flavors including Blueberry, Banana Nut, Coconut, Cookie Dough, and Apple, and a yogurt coating.

Treat your body right so it can continue to perform for you and be a strong, calorie-burning machine to help you reach your weight loss goals. These post-workout snacks and more at The BariatricPal Store can help.

Summer S’Mores for Weight Loss

Summer S’Mores for Weight Loss 0

S’mores may be the quintessential summer treat. It may bring up memories of camping and campfires, long and lazy summer days without school, and carefree time spent with your friends without worrying about what you ate. But now? We say…back to s’mores!

S’mores are high in sugar and calories, hardly making them a good weight loss choice. But that is only if you get the wrong ones. Summer is moving on, and it is about time to make sure you get your seasonal s’mores fix. The BariatricPal Store has top picks – no fire needed.

Why the Caution?

A classic s’more is the opposite of a dieter’s dream. The traditional treat has 280 calories, 31 grams of sugar, and 14 grams of fat. (Those stats are true if you stop at a single s’more). If you are not a camper and tend to get your chocolatey marshmallow graham cracker fix from other treats, consider that:

  • S’mores ice cream has 560 calories per cup.
  • A s’mores cookie has 10 grams of fat.
  • A s’mores milkshake has over 100 grams of sugar.

BariatricPal S’Mores Protein Bars

BariatricPal S’Mores Protein Bars have the chocolate and marshmallow flavors that you demand in s’mores, but without the scary nutritional stats. They have a dark chocolate cookie core layered with gooey marshmallow topping and surrounding with a creamy dark chocolate coating.

You can use them to curb cravings any time, whether it be a late-night snack or a mid-day pick-me-up. With 17 essential vitamins and minerals, BariatricPal S’Mores Protein Bars can also be a nutrient-rich meal replacement. It sure beats running into your nearest scoop shop for a chocolate marshmallow diet disaster.

BariatricPal S’Mores Protein Bars have:

  • 160 calories
  • 15 grams of protein
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • Real cocoa

They come in boxes of 7 individually-wrapped bars.

Flapjacked S’Mores Mighty Muffins

Any savvy dieter knows that muffins are not the healthy breakfast choice that we all wish they were. A good-sized chocolate muffin can easily have over 500 calories and 50 grams of sugar. Who needs it? Certainly not you, when you can opt for Flapjacked S’Mores Mighty Muffins instead.

Each sweet bite has milk chocolate and marshmallow bits. You can make Flapjacked S’Mores Mighty Muffins in the microwave just by adding water to the muffin cup. With such great taste and convenience, there is no reason to dive into the nearest coffee shop or bakery for a fresh-tasting, delicious breakfast.

Flapjacked S’Mores Mighty Muffins have:

  • 210 calories
  • 20 grams of protein
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • Probiotics for a healthy gut.

Summer is slipping away, so act quickly to get the tastes of summer and hit your weight loss goals. You can do both with s’mores treats and more at The BariatricPal Store. Can’t wait to see you there!

Mighty Muffins: Weight Loss in So Many Ways

Mighty Muffins: Weight Loss in So Many Ways 0

It’s time to make breakfast work for weight loss! Everyone has heard that it is so important, but only when you make it work for you. Otherwise, you risk skipping it, making bad choices, or going off your diet. Flapjacked Mighty Muffins may be the answer to the question of “What’s for breakfast?” Here’s why!

Wholesome Ingredients

If you want to lose weight, you might want to know what is in your food. We not embarrassed to tell you! Flapjacked Mighty Muffins are made with whole grain oats, milk, high-quality plant-based protein, and other wholesome ingredients such as blueberries, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and apples.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Each muffin has 200 to 240 calories and 20 grams of protein. They may taste like bakery muffins with 30 grams of sugar, but they have about 80% less sugar and no aspartame. For an extra-filling punch, they come with 5 to 6 grams of dietary fiber. The muffins have probiotics – gut-friendly bacteria that are linked to a healthier weight.

Quick Breakfast

Healthy breakfast eaters have higher metabolisms and more energy in the morning, but lack of time to prepare and eat your food. Flapjacked Mighty Muffins can help with both of those problems. They take less than a minute to make in the microwave, and you can make them anywhere. Just take your single-serving muffin container to work or anywhere else, add water, and heat it up!

Easy Pairings

You can have a Flapjacked Mighty Muffin on its own, or pair it with your choice of foods for a bigger nutrient punch. For example, consider:

  • Maple Pumpkin with fat-free cream cheese.
  • Apple Cinnamon with peanut butter.
  • Blueberry with a hard-boiled egg.
  • Double Chocolate with raspberries.
  • Lemon Poppy Seed and Cottage Cheese.

Always Delicious

Your weight loss plan has to be delicious and stay interesting if you want to stay on it for long enough to hit goal weight. Flapjacked Mighty Muffins come in 10 flavors!

  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter
  2. Maple Pumpkin
  3. Cinnamon Apple
  4. Double Chocolate
  5. Peanut Butter
  6. Chocolate Chip
  7. Blueberry
  8. Lemon Poppy Seed
  9. Tart Cherry Chocolate
  10. S’mores

Try a Variety Pack in 6 flavors, or get all of the flavors in the big Variety Pack! Or, you can buy Flapjacked Mighty Muffins one flavor at a time – stock up on your favorite! The BariatricPal Store is eager to help you make breakfast the weight loss tool you need it to be.

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