Hearty Protein-Packed Soups for Weight Loss

Hearty Protein-Packed Soups for Weight Loss 0

The official verdict on Groundhog Day may have been that spring is coming, but the calendar says that winter is only halfway over. That is good news if you love soup and love weight loss. You can warm up, eat well, and lose weight – after all, spring break is only a few short weeks away! The BariatricPal Store has great-tasting Protein Soups that can work on your meal plan.

Quick Protein in a Soup

Usually, you can choose for your soup to be either low-calorie or high-protein. BariatricPal Protein Soup is both. For most varieties, each serving has 80 to 100 calories and 12 to 15 grams of protein. In comparison, a cup of chicken noodle soup or cream of mushroom soup can have 200 calories with 5 grams of protein.

Protein Soup

Instant Meals

Meal Replacement Soups are ideal for liquid diets or for when you need a meal replacement. BariatricPal Meal Replacement Soups have 160 calories and 15 grams of protein, or the amount in 2 oz. of chicken. You can feel comfortable substituting them for a meal because they deliver 20 to 45% of the daily value for 25 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, and vitamin B12.

Meal Replacement Soups come in great-tasting flavors, including Cream of Tomato, Cream of Chicken, and Chicken and Vegetable. You can also try the Variety Pack.

Make It a Hearty Meal

You can use Protein Soup as a base for a hearty soup and nutritious meal. The possibilities are limitless. Choose your soup flavor, add a few chunky treats, and top it off for a complete meal. Consider adding:

  • Cooked, diced protein such as chicken breast, tofu, or fish.
  • Cooked beans.
  • Cooked fresh or frozen vegetables.
  • NutriNoodles pasta or rice for a low-calorie, low-carb treat.

You can top your soup with crumbled Protein Snacks or Cheese Snacks instead of croutons. Other toppings to try are shredded cheddar or swiss cheese, fat-free sour cream or yogurt, and avocado slices.

BariatricPal Protein Soup comes in boxes of 7 single-serving packets. You do not need to measure it. Just mix a packet of soup with hot water using the microwave or stove, and your soup is ready to eat or use in a recipe. There is no reason not to have satisfying, warming meals this winter.

Favorite Fall Comfort Foods 0

It’s time to get weight loss into gear, but sticking to your strict diet is not always that easy in the fall. As the days get cooler and the nights get longer, it is only natural to want to curl up with a few comfort foods.

The BariatricPal Store gets it. We understand that it is time to lose weight, but that those comfort food cravings are pretty strong. We also get that you can have both: you can lose weight and savor your satisfying comfort foods. Here are some fall favorites that you do not want to miss!

A Hearty Bowl of Stew or Chili

When it comes to fall comfort food, chilis and stews take the cake. The trouble comes you’re your chili or stew is based on fatty meat or starchy potatoes. Or, if you choose to make your own, you could be stuck in the kitchen for hours as you chop veggies and measure spices. No, thank you!

All you need is water and a couple of minutes, and you can enjoy any of The BariatricPal Store’s Stews or Chili entrées. Get real potatoes, vegetables, and beef without loads of fat and starch when you choose BariatricPal Vegetable Stew with Beef for 170 calories and 14 grams of protein, or opt instead for BariatricPal Turkey Chili with 220 calories and 20 grams of protein. No matter how low your calorie limit is, you can certainly fit in a serving of BariatricPal Vegetable Chili with 100 calories and 15 grams of protein.

Magical Oatmeal

It may not technically be “magical,” but we think BariatricPal Protein Oatmeal comes pretty close. It is okay on a pureed foods diet, but satisfying on a solid foods diet. It has 100 to 120 calories and 15 grams of protein, and only a fraction carbs of regular oatmeal. It even tastes great in any flavor, whether you choose Classic, Apple Cinnamon, Maple Brown Sugar, or Peaches and Cream.

All that, and it even fits into your busy morning routine, since all you need is water and a minute or two on the stove or in the microwave! You can have a sit-down breakfast at home or take a single-portion package to work with you to prepare and eat when you get a chance. On its own or with fruit, a hard-boiled egg, or some nuts, this oatmeal does come pretty close to being magical.

Cheesy Delights

Comfort food often involves cheese, and we say “Go for it!” We’re not talking about 100s of calories and way too much fat from lasagna and pizza. We’re talking about BariatricPal Protein Entrees such as Nacho Cheese Pasta and Cheese Steak Pasta. You can even start your day off right with a Bacon and Cheese Protein Omelet. They’re all low-carb and high-protein.

Curling Up with a Hot Drink

You can be sitting by the fire on a crisp evening, finishing off a meal with something sweet and satisfying, or starting your day gently with a warming cup of cocoa. Whatever the situation, make it better by swapping a sugar-laden cup of cocoa for one that is packed with protein. You can instantly save 30 grams of sugar and a ton of guilt.

BariatricPal Hot Protein Drinks are just as easy to make as regular cocoa, but much less harsh on the waistline. Each single serving packet has just 80 to 90 calories, but gives you 15 grams of protein to help fill you up for hours. Choose from cocoa flavors ranging from Classic to Cinnamon to Irish Cream and more, or try protein Mocha, Cappuccino, or Amaretto.

Weight loss is a journey, and you can enjoy the entire ride with great-tasting foods. Stock your pantry with BariatricPal fall favorites, and you can get the protein you need, stay on your low-calorie plan so you can watch the scale keep dropping. You may even forget that you are on a strict meal plan!


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