Customer Satisfaction Team

BariatricPal Store Customer Satisfaction Team:

Our customer satisfaction team is available 365 days per year! Ever wonder who the voice on the phone is when you give us a call? Who you're chatting with on our website? Who responds to your emails? Meet the friendly BariatricPal Store Customer Satisfaction team!

Abby Fernandez
Abby’s education includes an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Guidance and Counseling. Her degrees elicit more than a cursory glance from people. She loves to slice conflicts in half and she has a strong sense of compassion for others. Abby has over 5 years of unremitting dedication to great customer satisfaction. She wants to guarantee that all problems are resolved in a timely manner. She has also devoted her life to helping less fortunate and malnourished children by organizing feeding programs sustained with healthy and nutritious food. “Make a life that we love out of what we do. But never forget others.” is the motto that keeps her going. Mountain climbing and swimming are some of her favorite hobbies. She’s definitely an exuberant wandering mermaid. 
Queen Aba
Queen Aba
Queen is a former Performance Analyst. She’s fond of maintaining and analyzing behavioral gap trends and opportunities. Her top goal is to provide excellent customer service to her customers. Helping them is easy for her because she’s passionate about it. She’s also an amateur model for fashion. This is the main reason why she keeps herself fit all the time. She began her career in healthcare services after gaining weight from giving birth three years ago. She started her fitness training with the help of exercise in the gym and muay thai. She enjoys promoting physical fitness to everyone. Queen firmly believes that a fit and healthy body is the best fashion statement. 

Monica Cuzon
Customer Satisfaction Agent

Prior to her years of experience as a seasoned customer service representative, she earned her degree in Secondary Education. Her life’s work brought out her passion for imparting knowledge to and connecting with people from all walks of life. She persistently carries that same dedication and then some to her customer service work. Her top commitment is to always put every customer in every front line of importance. In her spare time, Monica enjoys an occasional hike or a good read. She jogs a lot in her favorite park and she never fails to pair her day with a bottle of watermelon juice.

Roxette Sabay
Customer Satisfaction Agent

Rox is a Stenography major who previously worked as a Customer Service Representative and a Submissions Coordinator in a self-publishing company. Her ultimate goal is increasing quantity without compromising quality. Embracing the core values of integrity, teamwork, and growth, Rox is able to meet customer and market demands. She loves to travel during her leisure time. However, is eating healthy ever possible while traveling? Rox realized that it’s all about making better food choices.

Vanessa Caylan
Customer Satisfaction Agent

Vanessa is a registered nurse by profession and at the same time, she is a Performance Development Coach. She is successful at raising a family, and she attributes this success to her ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once. This flexibility helps her to become successful in customer service for 10 years. When not answering emails and chats, she plays volleyball or soccer, jogs an oval with her all-time favorite protein shakes. She believes that being fit is a natural feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

Joshua Suyo

Customer Satisfaction Agent

Joshua has been working in customer service for more than 6 years now. He has been an excellent customer service representative and had shown compassion towards his customers in helping them find what they need. He wants to make sure that all problems are resolved from the customer’s first contact because he knows that time is valuable. Speaking of time, he listens to every word a customer has to say, thus being able to deliver excellent service and connects with a customer easily. In his spare time, he plays badminton with his co-workers, and spends most of his time writing stories and plays video games for his own blog site.