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Discovery Pack Smart Fork and Knife Set by Slow Control

Brand: Slow Control

Sku: 3770004491063

Product Name

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The Discovery Pack Smart Fork and Knife Set by Slow Control is efficient for slowing down and chewing more...

The Discovery Pack by Slow Control contains:

  • A Smart Fork
  • A Matching Knife

The Smart Fork by Slow Control helps to naturally adopt the right eating and chewing tempo.

  • Better chewing for a better digestion
  • Weight loss
  • The pleasure of savoring one’s meal

Eat more slowly and masticate more!

The Smart Fork by Slow Control detects when you bring food into your mouth. If you eat too fast, the spoon warns you discreetly. Without any effort, in a natural and pleasant way, you will eat less, chew more and better appreciate your meal.

So easy with Slow Control, so difficult on your own!

Since eating is repeated every day since childhood, automatisms appear. With modern life these automatisms tend to be too fast. The Smart Fork by Slow Control detects when the automatism is taking the lead and reactivates your consciousness with a discreet signal. It is so difficult to succeed alone, and so easy with Slow Control.

The Benefits of Eating Slowly:

  • Chewing: The more you chew, the less you eat.
  • Digestive Surgery: Speed before and after surgery
  • Metabolic syndrome: Eating fast is a risk factor
  • Acid Reflux: The faster you eat, the more reflux (risk of GERD).
  • Diabetes: Eating fast is very significantly involved in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Weight: Fast eaters are gaining more weight compared to slow eaters.

Scientifically Proven:

  • The Smart Fork by Slow Control is effectient at slowing down fast eaters.
  • The Smart Fork by Slow Control improves chewing of the bolus before ingestion.
  • The Smart Fork by Slow Control is efficient to lose weight.
Smart Fork by Slow Control Highlights:
  • Efficient at slowing down fast eaters
  • Improves chewing of the bolus before ingestion
  • Efficient to lose weight

How does Smart Fork by Slow Control work?

The Smart Fork by Slow Control uses capacitive detection technology. The head of the Fork will detect contact with the mouth. When you eat with a Fork (or a Fork), the food will go through your mouth and your lips will, therefore, touch the spoonhead. When the head of the spoon detects contact with the mouth, a calculator checks whether the time elapsed since the last bite is sufficient.

  • If the interval between two successive bites is sufficient: the Fork says nothing.
  • If the interval between two bites is too short: the Fork warns the user.
  • Possibly, a light signal can also guide the user to tell him if the time is well respected to take the next bite.

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