Journey 'Gentle' Iron Tiny Capsules by Bariatric Eating

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Revitalize your energy with Journey Gentle Iron Capsules

The ultimate solution to combat bariatric iron deficiency without the dreaded side effects! ⚡️💊

🚫 Break Free from Iron Fears: Are you experiencing fatigue and finding yourself chewing ice? You might be iron deficient. Fear not! Journey Gentle Iron Capsules have resolved the common concerns associated with iron supplements, ensuring you reclaim your vitality without stomach upset, burning, or constipation. Say goodbye to the fear of iron side effects! 😅🌈 

🌟 Super-Charged Solution: The 'Super-Charged' Albion™ Ferrous Glycinate used in Journey Gentle Iron Capsules has unique attributes that support its superior role as a bariatric iron supplement without the side effects of ordinary iron supplements. Each small, super-small capsule contains 30mg of highly specialized, chelated ferrous glycinate. 💪💊

IMPORTANT: Prescription iron uses a different measurement scale - when you are asked to take 300 IU iron by your doctor, the true elemental amount of iron is 60 mg, which is 2 Journey Gentle Iron Tiny Capsules.

🛡️Journey Gentle Iron Tiny Capsules are designed to battle bariatric iron deficiency or ideally support prevention:

  • the form hematologists choose after IV iron raises critical levels
  • Does not 'bind' with calcium or block mineral uptake
  • NO 'Two Hour Rule' so take it anytime
  • NO stomach burning of cheaper common iron used in other so-called bariatric brands
  • Tiny neutrally charged molecules slip right through nutrient ports along the ENTIRE length of the intestine so more is absorbed

In their ordinary form, minerals are difficult for the body to absorb through the intestine. Because small protein peptides are easier for the body to absorb, the body will combine the minerals with amino acids to take advantage of the intestine's affinity for protein absorption. This binding process is called chelation (key-lay-shun). Albion® patented iron does the stomachs work in advance by binding minerals to amino acids, resulting in small, organic iron molecules that can pass easily through the intestinal wall and into the body.

🔆 Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults take one or more tablets daily as a health professional recommends.*

People stop taking iron or never start because of side effects. We've all heard constipation stories and the words manual extraction in connection with iron. We worked with specialists to find more efficient mineral forms that would work better than ordinary cheap iron under bariatric conditions, but not cause scary problems, and Albion® patented iron is the answer.

"This is the iron form recommended by hematologists to maintain iron levels once bariatric patients have had IV iron infusions or blood transfusions. This Gentle Iron does not cause the same gastric or intestinal distress as other kinds of iron and does not block calcium. Plus, taking one of these tiny capsules is EASY!"

🌬️ Defy Oxygen Starvation: Iron-deficient people tire easily due to oxygen starvation. Iron is a key component of hemoglobin, crucial for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Journey's clinical studies with Albion® iron chelates prove efficacy at lower dosages, translating to fewer side effects and no interactions with other nutrients. Revitalize with confidence! 🌬️💖

60 Capsules in a bottle

*Mechanick Jl, et al. AACE/TOS/ASMBS Bariatric Surgery Clinical Practice Guidelines, Endocr Pract. 2013;19 (No. 2)

🍀Journey supplements are screened for harmful toxins and do not contain aluminum, lead, mercury, or cadmium. Manufactured in the USA with stringent Good Manufacturing Practices. 🇺🇸🛡️

Reclaim your vitality and bid farewell to iron fears with Journey Gentle Iron Capsules. Because embracing a healthier you should be as effortless and gentle as the capsules you take! 🌟💪

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