Organic Coconut Wraps by The Pure Wraps - Original Flavor

Brand: Improveat

Sku: 857679004354

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Original Flavor Organic Coconut Wraps by The Pure Wraps is a great solution for many lifestyle and dietary restrictions. Enjoy the pleasant taste that does not over-power food inside the wrap. The strength of the wrap holds food well and does not flake, crack, or break easily. Does not need to be doubled up.

4 X Organic Coconut wraps per package.
  • The Bread or Tortilla Alternative simply made of Coconut Meat and a pinch of Himalayan Salt
  • Keto, Paleo, Plant-Based, Vegan, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Calorie, and Raw
  • Certified Organic USDA & Made in the USA from imported ingredients
  • Gluten-Free, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Tree Nuts, or Corn
  • Convenient for Work, School, and Travel
  • Best consumed near room temperature
  • Packaged in Non-GMO Cellulose (biodegradable & compostable)
  • Store near room temperature away from dry circulating air
  • Can be stored using a “chip clip” or other binders
  • Refrigeration is not required even after opening and we suggest that you never freeze
Organic Coconut Wraps by The Pure Wraps - Original Flavor

Storage Instructions: Please do not freeze or refrigerate in the store. Keep away from direct sunlight and dry circulating air. Please note The Pure Wraps can be refrigerated if covered & unfilled though it is not necessary. It is best to consume The Pure Wraps soon after food is placed inside (depending upon moisture level) and near room temperature. Under no circumstances should The Pure Wraps be frozen because they could crack.

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