Pastabilities Lower Cal Pasta, 8 oz - One Box / Penne

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Size: One Box
Type: Penne


Wow! Yippee! Hooray! A lower calorie, low carb pasta that tastes like pasta!

Lower Cal Pasta is half the calories of traditional pasta (100 calories vs. 200 calories per serving) and only 12g net carbs! Whether you are trying to cut calories or cut carbs…this pasta delivers! Plus it’s an excellent source of fiber!

Our unique recipe is a combination of wheat and other ingredients which delivers the attributes you want PLUS great taste!

Non-GMO, Plant-based, Vegan Certified, Excellent Source of Fiber.

Pastabilities Lower Cal Pasta Highlights:
    • 50% fewer calories (100 calories vs. 200 calories)
    • 12g Net Carbs per serving!
    • Excellent Source of Fiber
    • Delicious Taste & Texture

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