Sonoma Creamery Pizza Crisps

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Flavor: Pepperoni
  • Low Carb
  • Gluten Free
  • Naturally Lactose Free
  • Baked, Never Fried

Sonoma Creamery Pizza Crisps are a low carb, gluten free crunchy cheese snack made with mozzarella cheese. Sonoma Creamery Pizza Crisps are baked, never fried and naturally lactose free. Sonoma Creamery takes rBST-free natural mozzarella cheese made with milk completely free of artificial hormones. Then they bake it with a sprinkling of spices into thin, crunchy, cheesy crisps. Great for snacking, dipping, and topping.

REAL INGREDIENTS: Our crisps satisfy with the goodness of real cheese. Everything here is real. Real ingredients, crafted by experts. Our brand is rooted in authenticity which carries over into our product.

KETO-FRIENDLY: Our Pizza Crisps are high in protein and are made with 100% Mozzarella Cheese, making them the perfect Keto-friendly snack.

GLUTEN-FREE: Delicious, Crunchy, Craveable, and Certified Gluten-Free! Our Pizza Crisps are comprised of 100% Mozzarella Cheese and deliver all of pizza's delicious flavor's into this bite-sized snack!

SNACK FREELY: Our snacks are uncompromisingly craft-baked with real ingredients that are fulfillingly hearty, protein rich, along with a crunchiness that allows you to snack guilt free!

Sonoma Creamery Pizza Crisps

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