ThinSlim Foods Zero Carb Protein Bread - Variety Pack

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Start your morning off right, make a sandwich fit your plan, or munch on toast all day long! With this outstanding line of ThinSlim Foods Zero Carb Protein Bread, you might just be able to, 'Have it all.'

Unlike traditional high carb bread and high-calorie bread, made from fast digesting white flour and other unhealthy ingredients, ThinSlim Foods Low Carb Breads and Low-Calorie Breads are super low in calories, even lower in carbohydrates, and contain very slowly digesting ingredients that help fuel fat loss by keeping blood sugar levels in check. 

We guarantee they will not spike blood sugar levels and we guarantee you will enjoy the taste!

This ThinSlim Foods Zero Carb Protein Bread variety pack includes the following items:

Why diet bread?
Traditionally, bread has been made very large, very dense, very high in calories(100+) and very high in carbohydrates (15-30) through the use of fast digesting white flour as the main ingredient. This makes them a very poor choice for healthy lifestyles. 

How are these different? 
The ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Zero Carb Protein Bread has only 45 calories and 0g of net carbs per slice. 

The ingredients used digest significantly more slowly which means you stay satiated longer and your body doesn't turn the excess sugar into fat. This is very evident by the fact that of the 8g of total carbohydrates per slice, 7g of it is fiber. 

I can find low calorie or reduced carb bread locally, why get these?
Select supermarkets are now starting to offer a wider selection of low-calorie bread, but make sure to do your homework and compare the nutritionals ounce per ounce - those low-calorie bread might just be low calorie because they are super small. 

More importantly, no supermarket bread is as low in carbohydrates as the ThinSlim Foods Bread. This is important even for people following Weight Watchers because a diet full of more fiber, and healthier types of carbohydrate sources will be more successful.

 Nutritional information can be found on each product listing.

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