Thyroid Support Vcaps 60's by Netrition

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Embrace Vitality with Thyroid Support Vcaps 60's by Netrition!

Nestled at the base of your throat, the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland plays a pivotal role in your overall well-being. It produces thyroid hormones, orchestrating metabolic harmony, energy expenditure, and essential biological functions. Our Thyroid Support is a harmonious blend of nutrients and botanicals designed to elevate thyroid health and vitality.

Unleash the Power of a Thriving Thyroid for a Radiant You!

Comprehensive Thyroid Nourishment: Immerse yourself in a blend of vital vitamins, minerals, and synergistic botanical extracts that lay the foundation for optimal thyroid function. This comprehensive support ensures your thyroid thrives, supporting overall well-being.

L-Tyrosine: The Elixir of Mood, Energy, and Stress Response: An indispensable component of thyroid hormones, L-Tyrosine steps in to foster the production of hormones that influence your mood, energy levels, and stress response. It's the key to a balanced, vibrant you.

Kelp: Nature's Iodine Treasure Chest: Harvested from the depths of the sea, kelp provides a natural wellspring of iodine. This trace mineral is essential for crafting the thyroid hormones that govern your metabolic vigor.

Vitamins B6 and C: Cofactors of Tyrosine Production and Metabolism: These vitamins serve as crucial allies, supporting the body's natural production and metabolism of tyrosine. They lay the groundwork for the thyroid's essential functions.

Copper: The Cofactor for Hormone Production: Copper takes center stage as an essential cofactor for the enzyme responsible for crafting thyroid hormones. It ensures the thyroid's symphony of functions continues harmoniously.

Vitamins A and D: Guardians of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Function: For thyroid hormone (T3) to exert its effects, it must effectively bind to specific cellular receptors. Vitamins A and D play pivotal roles in this process, promoting energy production and nutrient metabolism.

Zinc: Crafting the Structure of Thyroid Hormone Receptors: Zinc steps in to shape the structure of thyroid hormone receptors, ensuring efficient binding and optimal thyroid function.

Selenium: The Catalyst for Thyroid Hormone Activation: Crucial for the deiodinase enzymes, selenium facilitates the conversion of inactive T4 into the active T3 hormone. This transformation takes place in various tissues, including the liver and kidney.

Experience the Radiance of a Thriving Thyroid with Thyroid Support Vcaps 60's by Netrition! Elevate your vitality and embrace a life of balanced energy and well-being. Unleash the potential within you!

Contains:No sugar, salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Suggested Use:As a dietary supplement, adults take two (2) vegetarian capsules daily at mealtime, or as directed by a health care professional.

Thyroid Support Veggie Capsules (60) by Netrition - Improves Low Thyroid and Metabolic Function!is proudly manufactured in a facility certified by the State of NJ Department of Health as cGMP (Certified for Good Manufacturing Practices.) Our facility has also been assessed by NSF International to be in compliance with GMP requirements in NSF/ANSI Standard 173, section 8 Dietary Supplements.

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