BariatricPal: Truly Your Partner in Weight Loss Surgery

Alex Brecher

BariatricPal’s mission is simple: to help you achieve your healthiest self as you complete your own weight loss surgery journey. That may be a simple mission, but it’s not easy. Still, we think we’re making progress towards fulfilling it!

The BariatricPal Community: Social Support

BariatricPal’s first claim to fame is as the world’s premier online support forum dedicated to the weight loss surgery community. For years, BariatricPal members have logged on before and after surgery to get answers about the entire process and to exchange encouragement and advice.

If you’re not already a member, we encourage you to join! Membership to BariatricPal is free, and it includes access to the forums, our Weight Loss Surgery Magazine with articles written by expert authors, and the chance to search our Surgeon Directory. You can also:

  • Set up your member profile page.
  • Start a blog.
  • Track your weight and measurements.
  • Post before and after pics so everyone can see how great you look.
  • And more!

The BariatricPal Store: Nutritional Support

Social support on BariatricPal is one thing, but it’s not quite enough. The next step? The BariatricPal Store! That’s where you can get the healthy foods you need to stay nourished and lose weight.

We know you don’t have a ton of time to shop, cook, measure foods, and research your nutrient needs, but we do! You can get your favorite products delivered. Meals and snacks come in single serving packs and are ready-to-eat or quick to prepare. You can be sure they’re nutritionist-approved, and you can search our products by weight loss surgery type and stage to find the supplements you need to succeed.

The BariatricPal Brand: Trusted Protein Meals, Snacks, and Supplements

Which brand do you choose when you’re looking at something as important as your weight loss surgery foods and protein supplements? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you could choose a familiar brand, like an old friend? That’s why we have BariatricPal brand meals and snacks.

  • High-protein, low-calorie breakfasts, entrees, and soups.
  • Sweet, salty, crunchy, and creamy protein snacks.
  • Protein bars, shakes, powders, and meal replacements.

When you’re dedicated to your weight loss, you need support. BariatricPal is there for you from pre-op through maintenance and getting back on track, offering the social and nutritional boost that can help you succeed. Let us know how we’re doing!