Bacon for Weight Loss!

Bacon for Weight Loss!

Alex Brecher

For a weight loss snack, grab a protein bar…but not that kind of bar. We’re not talking about the kind of sweet, chocolatey bar that you can find almost anywhere. We’re talking about a hearty, epic bar: the Epic Maple Bacon Meat Bar. It is a filling pick-me-up that can suppress hunger until your next meal or snack while providing a great taste alternative and some additional surprises. Read on…

Introduction to the Meat Bar

Epic Maple Bacon Meat Bar is just that: a bar of meat, with so much more. It has sweet maple, smoky bacon, sea salt, and some epic characteristics. For example, it has real pork and natural B vitamins. The bar has a great combo of flavors, but your waistline will never know. Each bar has 150 calories.

A Protein Bar Unlike Others

A protein bar can be the perfect snack or meal replacement since it is convenient, discrete, and ready to eat. The typical sweet-tasting bars can get boring, though, or seem to melt away into nothing. Epic Maple Bacon Meat Bar offers a savory alternative that can also be heartier due to the meat. It has 8 grams of high-quality protein to help get you to that next meal or snack.

Bacon for Weight Loss!

Getting to the nitty-gritty, Epic Maple Bacon Meat Bar has bacon – and a lot of it. Bacon is the first ingredient in this bar. Not only is bacon front and center, but this is uncured bacon, so it has no cancer-causing nitrites.

Diet-Friendly: Paleo and More

Epic Maple Bacon Meat Bar is paleo, and so much more. It is gluten-free, high in protein, and low-carb. You can count on natural flavorings, a low-glycemic blend with fat and protein, and a good feeling when you eat it. Epic Maple Bacon Meat Bar is available in single bars or in a box of 12.

Enjoy the Epic Maple Bacon Meat Bar, and try the other Epic bars with meat, fish, and chicken bases – always high-protein, and always delicious.

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