Bariatric Meal Plans

Bariatric Meal Plans

Alex Brecher

A meal plan can be a lifesaver when you’re not sure what to eat, you need ideas for what’s on the menu, or you need help getting back on track. The BariatricPal Store has these and more meal plans available for free. They’re packed with protein and simple ideas, and you can use them to get closer to your goals. Ask your doctor which may be best for you to follow and if there are any other considerations before starting a new diet plan.

The Best Bariatric Meal Plans

When looking for a plan, check for the following factors.

  • Adequate in protein
  • Low in carbs and sugar
  • Foods that are easy to find or prepare
  • Foods you enjoy
  • Beverages and foods that are suitable for the diet stage you’re in

BariatricPal Meal Plans are low-carb, high-protein, and convenient. Anyone can follow them, and they include store products for your convenience.

Liquid Diet Meal Plans

A liquid diet can be necessary before or after surgery. Right after surgery, you might follow a clear liquid diet, with liquids such as water, broth, or popsicles. 

Then you can progress to a full liquid diet, which is high in protein. Foods can include Protein Shakes, Protein Pudding, Protein Gelatin, Protein Soup, and Protein Shots. Milk may also be on your plan.

Check out our Meal Plans to see some sample days on a liquid diet.

Mushy or Pureed Foods Post-Op Diet Meal Plans

A pureed foods diet can be easy on your digestive tract as it continues to heal post-surgery. Along with protein supplements, you might have pureed cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, applesauce, Protein Mashed Potatoes, watery pureed lean ground turkey, and pureed eggs. Pureed ripe bananas and well-cooked pureed vegetables may also be on your plan.

Check out our Meal Plans to see some sample days on a pureed foods diet.

Semi-Solid and Solid Foods Post-Op Diet Meal Plans

You can progress to some normal foods, but still can’t have crunchy foods on a semi-solid foods diet. Along with foods from previous stages, you might add chicken, fish, ripe fruit, and cooked vegetables. On a solid foods plan, you can add in anything you can tolerate, such as apples and and raw vegetables.

Check out our Meal Plans to see some sample days on a solid foods diet.

Back-on-Track Meal Plans

Sometimes, bariatric surgery patients can get off track. It might be after hitting goal weight, or on the way to goal weight. A back-on-track meal plan can tell you what to eat so it’s easier to go back to your bariatric diet. Just check what’s on the plan and do it. See if you can break through that plateau!

Check out our Meal Plans to see some sample days on a back-on-track diet.

Pouch Reset Diet Meal Plans

A pouch reset plan can help you feel full again if you have lost that sensation since surgery. It takes you through the diet stages over the course of days or weeks. The emphasis is on low-carb, high-protein foods, eating slowly, and small portions.

Check out our Meal Plans to see some sample days on 48-hour or 2-week pouch reset diet.

The BariatricPal Store wants you to succeed, and easy meal plans can help. We have them available for every stage of the post-op diet and for bariatric patients no matter where you are in your journey. They’re free for everyone and simple to follow. Just be sure to ask your doctor before starting any new meal plan.

Bariatric meal plans