Box of the Month as a Christmas Gift

Box of the Month as a Christmas Gift

Alex Brecher

What can you get for the weight loss surgery patient in your life? The ideal gift shows that you care but is not overbearing. It helps them achieve their weight loss surgery goals. It lasts for a while. And it is easy for you to purchase. 

The BariatricPal Store has just the thing: a subscription to the BariatricPal Box of the Month. It is the best way to give your loved one access to all kinds of new and favorite bariatric-friendly products, with no effort on the part of you or the recipient. Here are the details on what we think will be the Christmas gift of the year.

An Easy But Perfect Gift

Shopping is always tricky when you want to find the perfect gift. These days, it can be even harder due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people still are not going inside stores to shop. And even if you are, browsing just is not the same.

Enter…the perfect online gift. Just select the subscription level at 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Enter the recipient’s shipping address, and it’s done! They will receive their boxes, courtesy of you, during the entire subscription time. Do not worry about embarrassment on their part. We ship the box in discreet packaging so the casual passerby or delivery person does not know where it comes from or what it contains.

Genuinely Helpful for Weight Loss

Each box is packed with bariatric-friendly items. Many of them may be new items that the recipient has never tried before. They may come in smaller, sample-sized, packages, giving the recipient the chance to try products without making a commitment to purchasing a multi-serving pack. Should they choose to buy the package later, each Box of the Month has exclusive discounts for the items in the box!

Each box has a unique assortment of goodies. No two boxes are the same! They may have:

You can think of a subscription to the Box of the Month as a long-lasting show of support. With each box, the recipient may find new foods to help them stick to the plan and hit their weight loss goals.

A Gift for Yourself

By the way, the Box of the Month is ideal for bariatric surgery patients who may be looking for a Christmas gift for themselves. You certainly deserve it if you are working hard to stick to your weight loss surgery diet and lifestyle. Getting the Box of the Month is a way to motivate yourself to stick with it and get excited with every new discovery. 

The holiday season is the time to show that you care, and the BariatricPal Box of the Month can extend it for months or the whole year. Every time the recipient receives a box, they will think of you and your support. Just let us know who the box is for, and we will be proud every month to hand-pick each item and deliver the box to the person of your choice. It could not be easier to give the perfect gift this year!

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