Calcium Citrate Chews with Probiotics 2 Newest Flavors

Calcium Citrate Chews with Probiotics 2 Newest Flavors

Alex Brecher

Taking your calcium citrate supplement can now be a highlight in your day. There is not just the peace of mind and pride you may feel when you do something good for your bones. Now, there is the delicious taste you can enjoy every time you take a supplement. 

BariatricPal Calcium Citrate Chews have been so popular that we keep adding new flavors to meet demand. Our latest selections are Orange Creamsicle and Chocolate Mint. They taste great and have the same nutrition and other benefits as our other Calcium Citrate Chews.

Why Take a Calcium Citrate Supplement?

It is true that you can get calcium from food, but it can be hard to get enough. Plant-based sources of calcium can have compounds that interfere with absorption. And dairy products are excellent sources, but even dairy lovers may have trouble getting 3 to 4 servings every single day, which is needed to meet requirements.

The situation can be worse after weight loss surgery, when lactose intolerance is common. Plus, food restrictions are necessary. And, bone health is at risk during periods of rapid weight loss. Often times, a calcium supplement is the answer.

Great New Sugar-Free Flavors

First up is Orange Creamsicle. It has a sweet, tangy orange taste tempered by creamy tones. You will only think you are eating a sugary orange cream dessert!

We also have Chocolate Mint. It can do double duty as a supplement and as an after-dinner treat that ends the meal without adding sugary calories. Rich and creamy, this one hits the spot.

We still have our other great sugar-free flavors if you have not yet tried them or you love them too much to give up. They include French Vanilla Caramel, Strawberry Watermelon Twist, Wild Grape, and Belgian Chocolate Caramel. We also have a Variety Pack with all 6 flavors - yum!

Absorbable and Convenient

BariatricPal Calcium Chews contain calcium citrate. This form of calcium is more absorbable and less irritating than some other forms of supplemental calcium. You can take these chews on a full or empty stomach and still expect the same amount of absorption.

Each chew has 500 mg of calcium. This is 38 percent of the daily value and is 50% more than the amount in a glass of milk. Talk to your doctor about the amount you should take. It may be 2 to 3 per day, often spread out during the day.

Probiotics and Vitamin D

BariatricPal Calcium Chews contain probiotics for gut health. Each chew has 250 million CFU in the form of Bacillus coagulans. A healthy gut microbiome can improve health in ways such as being linked to reduced risk of obesity, improved immune function when taking antibiotics, and lowering chronic inflammation markers.

BariatricPal Calcium Chews have vitamin D, as well. Vitamin D improves calcium absorption and utilization. It also supports a healthy immune system and is linked to lower risk for certain chronic and autoimmune conditions.

Your doctor is the best judge of when to take BariatricPal Calcium Chews. They come in bags of 90, 180, or 270 chews. 

With such great-tasting and convenient choices, there is no excuse for having nutrient deficiencies! BariatricPal Calcium Chews are sugar-free and highly absorbable, so be sure to try them out!

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