Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules

Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules

Alex Brecher

If there is one time in life to make sure you are getting your vitamins, it is when you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant. After weight loss surgery, it is even more important to be sure to take a prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement because of the challenges that weight loss surgery patients face staying nourished. Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules are specifically formulated for bariatric surgery patients who need a prenatal supplement.

Recommendations for a Prenatal Supplement

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends a prenatal supplement that has specific amounts of a variety of vitamins and minerals. A prenatal supplement can provide important nutrients to:

  • Support proper fetal growth and development.
  • Increase the chance of a full-term birth.
  • Keep you healthy at the same time.

When you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are supporting the growth and development of a whole new person. That calls for good nutrition!

Prenatal Challenges for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Weight loss surgery patients are already at high risk for multiple nutrient deficiencies. A limited diet, not eating much, and having malabsorption can all lead to deficiencies. And some bariatric surgery patients experienced infertility challenges before surgery and may be in a hurry to get their family started or expand it. Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules can help address these challenges related to nutrient deficiencies.

A Balanced Approach with Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules

Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules meet ACOG recommendations for prenatal vitamins, and they go a step further. They are higher in certain nutrients than would be adequate for well-nourished women who did not have weight loss surgery. 

These are some key nutrients in Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules.

  • Folate in the form of L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, which is recommended for some groups of women.
  • Iron in the form of ferrous fumarate, which may be gentler on the stomach.
  • Iodine, which is involved in nearly every process in the body and in growth and development.
  • Vitamin A, 50% in the form of retinyl palmitate and 50% as beta-carotene.

Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules have more than 20 other vitamins and minerals!

At the same time, Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules are formulated with safety in mind. Women who are pregnant or could become pregnant should be careful, for example, of nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin A from retinyl palmitate, and copper. Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules are within the upper limits for these nutrients.

As with anything related to health or prenatal care, be sure to talk to your doctor before using Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules or any other dietary supplement. 

Easy Nutrition without Worry

Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules make prenatal nutrition easy. Just take one a day or as your healthcare provider suggests. They are appropriate for sleeve gastrectomy and roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients. Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules come in bottles with 60 servings. Each serving is one capsule. 

Nothing comes before your baby’s health, and Celebrate Prenatal Multivitamin Capsules have essential nutrients to support normal development. Weight loss surgery patients can also look to the BariatricPal Store for additional nutritional support during this special time of life, such as protein supplements and low-carb snacks for any kind of craving.

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