Enjoying Coffee without the Heartburn

Enjoying Coffee without the Heartburn

Alex Brecher

Coffee is practically an essential part of life. There may be that first cup of coffee in the morning that lets you wake up enough to greet the day, or the mid-morning caffeine jolt to sharpen your laser focus, or the mid-afternoon pick-me-up cup to get you back on track after an afternoon slump. After dinner, a cup of decaf may be a healthy habit that lets you say good-bye to a fulfilling day.

So what happens if you have heartburn? Or what if you are a bariatric surgery patient who has been told to stay away from coffee because of its acid content? Are the good times over? Not at all! The BariatricPal Store is proud to introduce Alex’s Acid-Free Organic Coffee.

How We Brought Coffee Back, Pain-Free

Coffee may be energizing and even healthy, according to many studies, but it comes with a price for nearly one-third of coffee drinkers. Coffee is one of the most common causes of gastrointestinal distress, such as heartburn, indigestion, and more. The risk is higher after weight loss surgery.

Though coffee contains many types of acid, one in particular, chlorogenic acid, is closely tied to symptoms when drinking coffee. Worse, drum roasting is the typical process for roasting coffee beans, and this technique can increase chlorogenic acid content. Alex’s Acid-Free Organic Coffee eliminates chlorogenic acid and drum roasting by instead using a stream of hot air. Goodbye, heartburn!

Perfectly Roasted Balanced Blend

Alex’s Acid-Free Organic Coffee is a blend of beans from some of the most famous coffee-growing regions of the world. They include the high-altitude regions of southern Mexico, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Together, they offer nutty, sweet, and vanilla-flavored notes without bitterness. 

The blend is roasted to a medium-dark degree, almost a French roast, to bring out a chocolatey flavor. Each cup is full-bodied and delicate.


Alex’s Acid-Free Organic Coffee comes in Regular and Decaf versions of Ground and Whole beans. You can also choose a Variety Pack or single-serving K cups in Regular and Decaf. That means that wherever you are, there is sure to be the right one for you to wake up or wind down.

Calorie-Free Creamers and Sugar-Free Syrups

You are in luck if the perfect coffee-drinking experience includes flavored and blended coffees. You can use Alex’s Acid-Free Organic Coffee however you would use normal coffee when creating a coffee masterpiece. Your coffee-based indulgence does not need to involve guilt or weight gain, either. Just try using any of these ingredients along with your coffee.

The good times are never over at The BariatricPal Store. Whether it is Alex’s Acid-Free Organic Coffee or another bariatric-friendly product, we are committed to providing you the good foods that make life worth living. Check out our entire selection of carefully formulated, always delicious products, including Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies, Ranch Protein Chips, Zero-Carb Bagels, and Sugar-Free Chocolates.