How to Kickstart Weight Loss after Regain

How to Kickstart Weight Loss after Regain

Alex Brecher

Some say that losing weight is the easy part, and keeping the weight off is the hard part. Most people who lose a lot of weight gain some or all of it back, so you are certainly not alone if you have noticed the scale creeping up again. The BariatricPal Store has tips, support, and products to help kickstart weight loss after regain.

Consider a liquid diet.

A liquid diet can help reprogram your mind and body to eat less again. As long as you get the support of your doctor, include plenty of fluids and protein, and take your vitamins, a liquid diet can be safe for several days.

Ask about a pouch reset plan.

A common reason for weight regain is getting away from the original post-op surgery plan. Patients who stray may end up eating bigger meals and snacks than their plan recommends.  Following a pouch reset plan can retrain your brain and stomach pouch or sleeve to be used to smaller portions again. Eating less can get you back on the weight-loss wagon.

If you think a pouch reset plan may be right for you, talk to your surgeon to see if she agrees. Pouch reset plans typically lead you through the post-op diet progression, but over just a few days instead of months as it may have taken right after surgery. These may be the stages you follow, spending a day or a few in each stage.

  • Clear liquids.
  • Liquid proteins.
  • Pureed or mushy foods.
  • Semi-soft foods.
  • Solid foods.

The BariatricPal Store has a 48-hour, 1-Week, and 2-Week Pouch Reset Plan to consider.

Make high-protein swaps at meals and snacks.

The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of high-protein, low-carb foods so you can keep eating what you love while kick starting weight loss. Instead of higher-carb or higher-sugar, foods, consider swaps at each meal and snack.

Include treats to make it sustainable.

Going off your new diet plan would again lead to regain, so it is important to make sure you do not need to go off the plan in the future. Including regular treats on your plan can make it more enjoyable and satisfy cravings so there is no need to cheat on your diet. Such treats may include:

Weight regain is a challenge for anyone, but addressing it as soon as you can get you back on track. The BariatricPal Store has products and ideas to make it easier and more fun to start losing weight again.

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