New Brand: NutriPatch

New Brand: NutriPatch

Alex Brecher

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to the BariatricPal Store family: NutriPatch! NutriPatch is changing the game of nutritional supplements by offering a unique and innovative method for vitamin and nutrient absorption. Say goodbye to your daily handfuls of pills and hello to a simple, effective patch. With NutriPatch, your path to wellness just got smoother.

What is NutriPatch?

NutriPatch is a line of vitamin and nutrient patches that deliver essential vitamins directly through the skin. Using transdermal technology, each patch provides a sustained release of nutrients over the course of 24 hours, ensuring your body gets the support it needs all day long.

The NutriPatch Collection

BariatricPal Store is proud to carry the full range of NutriPatch products, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

NutriPatch Multivitamin Topical Patch

Stay on top of your basic health with the Multivitamin patch. Formulated with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, this patch supports overall wellness, energy levels, and immune health. Just apply one patch daily for complete, hassle-free nutritional support.

NutriPatch B12 & Complex Topical Patch

Feeling sluggish? The B12 and Complex patch is packed with Vitamin B12, a vital component for energy production. This patch is not only perfect for a quick energy boost but also supports brain function and nervous system health.

NutriPatch Joint & Inflamm Topical Patch

NutriPatch Joint & Inflamm Topical Patch, an innovative solution to support joint health and manage inflammation with ease. This all-natural patch combines Turmeric, MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and White Willow Bark, which work synergistically to promote joint well-being. 

NutriPatch Sunshine Vitamin D Topical Patch

Illuminate your wellness journey with the NutriPatch Sunshine Vitamin D Topical Patch. This product harnesses the power of Vitamin D, known for its vital role in calcium absorption and bone health, and gifts it to you directly through your skin. Coupled with Vitamin K2 and Magnesium, it supports not only your bone strength but also bolsters your immune system. It's the bright and effortless way to supplement your Vitamin D levels and enhance your overall health.

NutriPatch Multivitamin without Iron

Simplify your wellness routine with the NutriPatch Multivitamin without Iron. This product embodies all-encompassing vitality in a convenient, easy-to-use patch. Not only does it address nutritional gaps, it actively bolsters your heart, brain, and eye health, and supports energy levels, immunity, and metabolism.

NutriPatch Omega Topical Patch

Experience superior wellness through NutriPatch Omega Topical Patch, your convenient and potent source of Omega 3s. Not just a nutritional supplement, this innovative patch epitomizes a shift towards a more effortless health regimen, promoting cell membrane integrity, blood circulation, and brain health. The NutriPatch Omega ensures that your journey towards better health is as seamless and impactful as possible, offering an entirely new approach to elevating your well-being.

NutriPatch Antioxidant Topical Patch

Experience an optimized defense for your well-being with the NutriPatch Antioxidant Topical Patch. This patch is a unique product that delivers essential antioxidants directly through your skin, offering an innovative solution for safeguarding your body against harmful free radicals. It includes a blend of potent antioxidants designed to support your health and protect your cells from oxidative damage. 

Why Choose NutriPatch?

NutriPatch offers a novel solution to common problems faced by many individuals post-bariatric surgery, such as difficulty swallowing pills and reduced digestion efficiency. With NutriPatch, you can ensure that your body is absorbing the nutrients effectively, without the discomfort of oral supplements.

A Patch in Time Saves Nine

Every NutriPatch is latex, lactose, gluten, and sugar-free, making it suitable for most users. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear, incorporating NutriPatch into your daily routine could be the step you need towards optimal health.

For those who have undergone bariatric surgery, NutriPatch offers a way to simplify your supplement regimen dramatically. No more worries about absorption or swallowing large pills—just stick on a patch and go on with your day, knowing your nutritional needs are covered.

Embrace the Future of Supplementation

Join the BariatricPal community in welcoming NutriPatch to our shelves. It’s time to embrace the future of vitamin and nutrient supplementation. Check out the full NutriPatch line today at the BariatricPal Store and take the first step towards more accessible and convenient healthcare.