New Brand - Pink Panda

New Brand - Pink Panda

Alex Brecher

Do you miss candy on your low-carb, post-op, or keto diet? There’s no need to give it up. Pink Panda Chewy Candy is low in sugar and it hits the spot when you need something sweet to chew. Here’s what you should know about Pink Panda Chewy Candy.

Diet-Friendly Gummy Candy

Each serving of Pink Panda Gummies has 90 calories. It’s completely fat-free and protein-free, and it has only 16 grams of net carbs. There are 2 grams of sugar. The main sweetener is allulose, which has no effect on blood sugar. Unlike many gummy candies, which have animal gelatin in them, these gummies are completely vegan

The serving size for Pink Panda Chewy Candy is 29 pieces. That’s a full bag, which means it’s even more satisfying. 

These are the varieties of Pink Panda Chewy Candy.

The colors come from natural sources such as carrot, sweet potato, and black currant.

A High-Fiber Snack When You Need It Most

Dietary fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system, such as regularity. It’s also good for keeping cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels in check. 

The goal for dietary fiber is more than 28 grams for most Americans, but consider these facts.

  • The average American gets only a fraction of their fiber needs.
  • Good sources of dietary fiber are often high in carbs. Examples include whole grains, fruit, and potatoes. You may not be eating much of those foods after bariatric surgery.
  • Some sources of dietary fiber are hard to digest or tolerate after bariatric surgery. Broccoli and beans are examples. 

That can make the fiber in Pink Panda Chewy Candy even more valuable. The 9 grams of dietary fiber make up about one-third of the fiber you need in a day. Just be sure to drink a lot of water when you have more fiber, and to increase fiber intake only gradually.

A Sweet Treat for Anywhere

Be sure to take a bag of Pink Panda Chewy Candy wherever you go. You may want something to munch on in the car, on the couch after dinner, or while you’re at the park waiting for your kids to finish up soccer practice. They’re also great to take to work so that you can say, “No, thanks” when someone offers you candy. Instead, you can dig into your own healthy stash.

Sweet treats that are on your diet are something to celebrate, and Pink Panda Chewy Candy may become one of your new favorite go-to treats. They’re satisfying and perfectly suited for a low-carb or keto diet, and the fiber they have can support your health. Be sure to try all three flavors and check out all of the other Sugar-Free and Keto Candies and Snacks at the BariatricPal Store.

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