New Product - Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal

New Product - Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal

Alex Brecher

Another snack is always welcome, as long as it tastes great and fits into your bariatric diet. Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal are our new fave! They are so easy to eat, and they are made with nutritious ingredients. You can feel good about them while you enjoy crunching them. Here’s your introduction to Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal!

Great-Tasting Protein Snack

Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal have the right amount of protein for a quick snack. Each serving has 10 grams of protein, and not just any protein. It’s plant-based protein from fava beans. That means it’s free from cholesterol and unhealthy fats. 

Each serving also has 3 grams of dietary fiber. That makes Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal more satisfying for longer after you eat. Plus, they won’t spike blood sugar levels. They have 140 calories per serving and less than a gram of saturated fat. They’re nearly sugar-free and are low in carbohydrates.

Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal are designed for picky eaters or people on special diets. They are completely free from GMO ingredients. They’re keto and low-carb-friendly, and are free from gluten and aspartame. You can count on these snacks!

Two Delicious Flavors

It doesn’t matter how healthy a snack is if it doesn’t taste good. There are no worries with Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal. They taste fantastic. Of course, that’s to be expected given their high-quality ingredients that you can pronounce! With fava beans, pea fiber, and real spices, they are delicious. 

Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal come in two great-tasting flavors.

  • Spicy Cheddar is made with real cheddar cheese that is sharp and creamy. But don’t get too complacent. You’ll notice the kick from the jalapeno!
  • Garlic and Herb has real onion and garlic powder, as well as a mix of spices. It’s like eating a gourmet potato chip without any guilt.

Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal come as a single bag or a pack of 3 or 6 bags. There is also a Variety Pack with both flavors so you can try them both!

Portion-Controlled Protein Snack

Each bag of Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal has 1 serving. That means you can eat the whole bag without even worrying about eating too much. These snacks are stable at room temperature, too. Take them anywhere, such as in the car or with you in a purse or backpack. They are also great for lunch boxes when you pack your lunch. Stash a few bags in your pantry so you can be sure to always have a healthy snack available to satisfy hunger and cravings.

They are perfect snacks on their own whenever you need some protein and want all-natural ingredients that you can feel good about. You can also dip them into healthy dips, such as Greek yogurt-based dips with herbs, guacamole, or hummus. If you’re having them at a meal, try crumbling them over salads or soups instead of croutons. They add a delicious crunch with their protein and fiber.

Fava Bean Chips by BariatricPal are among our offerings for health-conscious people who are losing weight and need something delicious to keep them motivated. Be sure to browse all of our aisles for more great treats!

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