New Protein Bars - Built Bar Protein Puffs

New Protein Bars - Built Bar Protein Puffs

Alex Brecher

Here’s another great choice for a protein boost: Built Bar Protein Puffs. They’re puffy, protein–packed, low-carb bars that taste amazing and are low in carbs.

Each bar has 15 to 17 grams of protein in a perfectly sized package of 140 to 160 calories. They’re free from trans fat and have only 2 grams of total fat. 

Delicious Flavors So You Can Say “Yes” Again

If you’ve been saying, “no,” a lot on your diet, that can start to become frustrating. But now you can say, “yes,” to great taste without guilt. 

Most Built Bar Protein Puffs are coated either with perfectly tempered chocolate made with real chocolate liqueur and cocoa butter, or with rich white chocolate. Inside, there’s a protein core that will only make you feel like you’re going off of your diet - but it’s all fair game with nutritional counts like this.

These are the flavors of Built Bar Protein Puffs.

  • Churro. Deep-fried balls of dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar smell so good, but they can have 50 grams of carbs and 20 grams of fat. Now there’s an alternative. This bar is made with real cinnamon and tastes unbelievable.
  • Coconut Marshmallow. A chocolate coconut fluffy truffle won’t do your weight loss much good, with less than a gram of protein and most of its calories from sugar and saturated fat. This bar satisfies cravings for chocolate and coconut, and it also throws in another craveable component: fluffy marshmallow. And, it’s way better for reducing hunger than a chocolate truffle, since it’s so high in protein!
  • Banana Cream Pie. This bar is for you if the thought of banana cream pie makes you salivate, but it also makes you worry about weight gain. This has the familiar, comforting taste you want, without the sugar you can’t handle.
  • Birthday Cake. Celebrate your birthday every day without guilt! This bar has white chocolate coating, sprinkles, and the joy of birthday cake, but with only a fraction of the calories, sugar, and fat you’d get in a slice of frosted birthday cake.
  • Cookie Dough Chunk. Yum. It’s just like digging into a bowl of cookie dough, but without the mound of sugar and butter in chocolate chip cookie dough. This even has real chocolate chips in the cookie dough chunks nestled in the protein core.
  • Orange Dreamsicle. Are you dreaming of going back to childhood when an orange cream ice pop wasn’t something to worry about? This bar is for you.

Built Bar Protein Puffs come in boxes with 12 bars per box. You can also get them in single bars, which is a great option when you’re looking for your favorite flavors.

A Protein Snack for Every Occasion

Take these bars anywhere you go so there’s always a healthy option available. They are great snacks and late-night desserts. They’re especially good when you’re having a sweet craving but don’t want to go off of your meal plan.

They can even be a small meal replacement when you’re on the go, or pair with some other healthy foods to make a perfectly portable meal. Keep your meal low in carbs by having a bar with a string cheese stick, some cottage cheese, or a few nuts. Or, add some filling fiber by having your bar with baby carrots or some fruit.

Built Bar Protein Puffs are puffy, delicious, and satisfying, not to mention ideal for a low-carb diet after bariatric surgery. Try all of our new flavors, and browse the other aisles to see how else the BariatricPal Store can help you reach your goals!

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