Protein Gummies by Liquacel

Protein Gummies by Liquacel

Alex Brecher

Are you looking for easy ways to get more protein, but are tired of chicken, eggs, and cottage cheese? Does the thought of another protein bar or shake bore you? Do you wish you could enjoy gummy candies, but are keeping your carbs and sugar down?

Protein Gummies by Liquacel may be for you! They are packed with protein and are low in sugar. They taste great, are completely convenient, and may hit the spot when it comes to a sweet tooth. 

High in Protein

Each bag of Protein Gummies by Liquacel has 13 grams of protein. That can make a nice dent as you work towards a daily goal of 60 or more grams after weight loss surgery, which is a common goal for bariatric patients. This amount is the amount of protein in two eggs or 2 ounces of tuna or chicken, but there is no need to worry about cooking anything or keeping your protein cold in the refrigerator. Just open the bag and enjoy your protein!

An Added Fiber Boost

On a low-carb diet, it can be hard to get enough fiber. That’s because some of the best sources of fiber are in high-carb foods, such as whole grains, fruit, and beans. Protein Gummies by Liquacel come with 6 grams of fiber per serving to boost your daily total. Dietary fiber can lower cholesterol, help stabilize blood sugar, and improve digestive health.

Great-Tasting Fruity Flavors without a Sugar Load

Each bag of Protein Gummies by Liquacel contains an assortment of two flavors. There is Peach Mango, and there is Watermelon. They taste sweet and juicy, but have only a fraction of the amount of sugar as in a serving of fruit, not to mention regular gummy candies!

The entire bag has only 4 grams of added sugar. That is less than half the amount as in a cup of watermelon, and one-fifth of the amount of sugar in a cup of mango pieces. The sweeteners include allulose, and there is no aspartame or sucralose in Protein Gummies by Liquacel.

Protein for Any Occasion

Stuck in traffic? Just waking up? Rushing off to pick up the children from school? Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, there is time to get your protein when you have Protein Gummies by Liquacel with you. They are ready to eat and make no mess, so they are a great choice for a busy lifestyle. They are also great if you just want something sweet to enjoy throughout the day, but also want to get some nutrition with your treat.

Protein Gummies by Liquacel are a way to get more protein and fiber without hassle. You can take them anywhere, eat them all at once or a few at a time, and know that you are not putting too much sugar into your body. Tasty and high-protein, low-sugar treats are one of the ways we are trying to help you thrive as you lose weight. The BariatricPal Store has tons of other helpful products for your low-carb diet, so be sure to browse around.

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