Protein on the Go

Protein on the Go

Alex Brecher

We have much to celebrate and be grateful for as states gradually lift restrictions due the COVID-19 pandemic. After you get vaccinated and start to get back into the world, you may find yourself needing to focus on getting enough protein since you may no longer be right at your fridge and in your kitchen with the ability to cook some chicken or fish whenever you need it. 

Instead, it can be helpful to have options for getting protein on the go. From Eggs in a Cup and Protein Bagels for breakfast to Protein Snacks the rest of the day, we have the single-serving, ready-to-eat or instant options you need to get your protein and go back to your regular activities.

Protein Shakes and Bars

At home or on the go, Protein Shakes and Bars are the versatile, safe choice when you select low-sugar varieties such as at our store. Shakes come in single-serving packets that you can mix into water or another beverage, and Ready-to-Shake Protein Shakes come in bottles that you can fill to the top for an instant snack or meal replacement. Protein Bars are another multi-purpose choice in flavors ranging from sweet Chocolate, Vanilla, and Caramel Nut to savory Meat Bars. 

Breakfast for a Road Trip or Trip to Work

You may have been eating breakfast at home for the last year, but going on a trip or returning to the workplace could mean eating on the go again. Eggs in a Cup, Protein Oatmeal, and Protein Muffin Cups with probiotics are instant options that are pre-portions and need only water to prepare. Protein Donuts and Zero Carb Protein Bages work great, too, especially with a string cheese stick or some cottage cheese.

Hanging with Friends

If friends call you up, you want to be ready for anything they want to do, whether it is hiking, shopping, or hanging out at their house. In a second, you can be ready to go for the day when you pack Protein Snacks such as Protein Chips, Protein Cookies, or Youtopia Protein Snack Mix in Espresso Obsesso,Bananas for Chocolate, and So Money Honey Mustard. These protein snacks are all available in single serving options for you to grab and go without worrying about portion control or preparation.

Movie Theater Snacks

How long has it been since you last saw a movie in a theater or went to a concert? Reminder: bring your own snacks to make sure you are not caught with the fare sold at typical concession stands! Sugar Free Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and Sugar Free Chocolate Bars are some of the sweet choices, while Salted Butter Pork King Good Pork Rinds are naturally free from carbohydrates but taste like popcorn.

Sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, and more: whatever is your choice for protein, we have it. The BariatricPal Store has convenient, portable, and great-tasting choices in single-serving packaging to make sure that when you are ready to rejoin society, you can keep up with your protein requirements. We are here to make sure that you can stick to your weight loss diet as easily as possible!