Newest PatchAid Patches for Easy-as-Can-Be Nutrition

Newest PatchAid Vitamin Patches for Easy-as-Can-Be Nutrition

Oct 23, 2020 Alex Brecher 2 min read

Everyone can use help getting extra nutrients, and that is especially true for bariatric surgery patients and anyone else on a serious weight loss journey. Whether they are basic bariatric vitamins or above-and-beyond health-boosting dietary supplements, taking your vitamins should not be a chore. 

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New PatchAid Patches

New PatchAid Vitamins Patches

Sep 28, 2020 Alex Brecher 3 min read

Taking your vitamins may be one of the less glamorous parts of losing weight, but it can be necessary on a weight loss diet, especially after bariatric surgery. A bariatric multivitamin, such as Multivitamin Plus Topical PatchAid Patcheswithout Iron, can help overcome deficiencies that may come from a restricted diet and altered absorption. Other supplement blends, such as Hangover Plus Topical PatchAid Patches, can replenish lost nutrients and support recovery after a night of fun. Just ask your doctor which may be right for you.

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