New PatchAid Vitamins Patches

New PatchAid Vitamins Patches

Alex Brecher

Taking your vitamins may be one of the less glamorous parts of losing weight, but it can be necessary on a weight loss diet, especially after bariatric surgery. A bariatric multivitamin, such as Multivitamin Plus Topical PatchAid Patches without Iron, can help overcome deficiencies that may come from a restricted diet and altered absorption. Other supplement blends, such as Hangover Plus Topical PatchAid Patches, can replenish lost nutrients and support recovery after a night of fun. Just ask your doctor which may be right for you.

Multivitamin Plus Topical Patchaid Patches without Iron

Multivitamin Plus Topical PatchAid Patches without Iron are specially formulated for bariatric surgery patients. It has a full range of essential vitamins and minerals in accordance with recommendations from the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), and is made without iron if your doctor determines that you do not need it.

Multivitamin Plus Topical PatchAid Patches contain certain vitamins and minerals that are necessary in higher amounts for bariatric surgery patients. These include vitamin B12 and other B vitamins, vitamin D3, calcium, and vitamin E. They also contain extra chromium, which is necessary for proper blood sugar regulation.

Hangover Plus

Everyone deserves some fun now and again, but a night of heavy drinking can be tough on the body. It can leave you feeling groggy and with a headache, and alcohol can also deplete certain nutrients due to the way it is metabolized.

Hangover Plus Topical PatchAid Patches are formulated to support the body as it gets back to normal. It is rich in B vitamins and also contains natural supplements such as green tea extract, turmeric, beetroot extract, and acai berry extract.

Patches vs. Traditional Vitamins

Traditional vitamins made of capsules can be unpleasant to swallow or, after bariatric surgery, they can be painful while the surgery wounds are still healing. They can also cause stomach upset as they get absorbed.

In contrast, PatchAid Topical Patches require no swallowing, and absorption is through the skin, so there is no concern over an upset stomach. They are easy to use. Just choose a clean area of skin and remove the patch liner. Stick the patch onto the skin firmly so it adheres. Remove the patch after at least 8 hours. Then use a new patch the next day. You can use two patches simultaneously. 

Features of PatchAid Topical Patches

PatchAid Topical Patches are made of hypoallergenic fabric and are designed for comfort. They move with the contours of your body and are sweat-proof, so you can get in your healthy workout while you are taking your vitamins. 

The patches are available in 30-day, 3, 6, and 12-month supplies. The BariatricPal Store has PatchAid patches for all kinds of needs, such as Multivitamins with Iron, Immune Defense, Garcinia Cambogia, Vitamin D3 and Calcium, and more. Be sure to ask your doctor which may be most appropriate for you.

The BariatricPal Store is here for you not only for your weight loss protein and other foods, but also for your overall nutrition and well-being. The Multivitamin Plus Topical PatchAid and Hangover Plus PatchAid Patches can keep you nourished and feeling well as you keep up with other areas of your healthy diet and lifestyle. Give them a try!

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