Protein One: Your All-in-One Nutritional Supplement

Protein One: Your All-in-One Nutritional Supplement 0

What would happen if you had a meal replacement shake with the essential vitamins and minerals. a whopping amount of fiber and protein, and a great taste, too? What if it were easy to take anywhere and use? Would you have more energy? Would you lose more weight?

Why keep guessing what might happen when you could just give it a try and find out for sure? BariatricPal Protein One gives you the chance. It offers the nutrients, flavor, and convenience that can make your weight loss journey more successful and easier. Here is what you should know about it.

Complete Protein for Weight Loss and More

Successful dieters and weight loss surgery patients know that protein is a critical nutrient. It increases fullness, reduces muscle loss, and supports healthy immune function. Protein One has 27 grams of high-quality whey protein to support weight loss. As a “fast-acting” protein, whey is digested easily and quickly. It is a complete protein with all of the essential amino acids.

Nutritional Punch in a Slim Package

BariatricPal Protein One has 28 vitamins and minerals you need so that you can feel confident that you are getting nourished when you use it as a meal replacement or snack. It has all of the vitamins, plus essential minerals such as calcium for bones and iron for energy and immunity. It has extra amounts of at-risk vitamins such as B12 for bariatric surgery patients. There are 5 grams of fiber. All of these nutrients come in a 150-calorie package that tastes great and has only 3 grams of sugar.

Up to Twice a Day Your Way

You can use BariatricPal Protein One once or twice a day for best results. Try it as a meal replacement or snack in the morning, afternoon, or before or after a workout. It comes in Unflavored, plus classic and bold sweet flavors and savory flavors.

Choose the flavor that matches your mood at the time, and make it how you like. You can mix it with water, milk, or another beverage, or add it to oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt, soup, and more.

  • Unflavored - add it to oatmeal or pureed mashed cauliflower to get protein anytime.
  • Chocolate Fudge - add to pancake batter to make decadent weight loss pancakes
  • French Vanilla - mix with blueberries for a post-workout refueling smoothie
  • Coffee - wake up when you mix this with warm almond milk for a creamy drink
  • Decaf Coffee - blend it with pureed frozen bananas for an ice cream dessert that will not keep you up all night.
  • Cookies and Cream - use it to make a crust and top it with cottage cheese-based cheesecake
  • Cinnamon Swirl - blend with non-fat cream cheese for a high-protein spread.
  • Southwest Chili - add tomatoes, beans, and ground turkey if you want a hearty bowl of protein-packed chili
  • Chicken Soup - have it as broth or add cooked vegetables and Protein Pasta

Protein One comes in a Variety Pack, too, so you can try them all. Each flavor is available as a single-serving packet, a 7-packet box, or a 21-serving resealable pouch.

Never underestimate the value of having great-tasting nutrition on hand when you want to lose weight and get healthy. Protein One can be the nutrition you need, so give it a try!
Nutrient Boosts You Cannot Resist

Nutrient Boosts You Cannot Resist 0

Everyone can use more nutrients, but sometimes taking those extra vitamins can be a drag. The BariatricPal Store has a lot of tricks for turning nutrient time from being a chore into wanting more. These are a few of our favorite products for getting more nutrients.

Bone-Building Dark Chocolate

Calcium is essential for bone health, but you can increase absorption when you take it separately from your regular multivitamin. Instead of swallowing a big capsule, nibbling on Procare Dark Chocolate with 500 mg calcium can be a bone-building event you look forward to. It comes with 500 IU vitamin D and a proprietary TruCal calcium preparation for better absorption. Vitamin D can also boost the immune system.

Procare Dark Chocolate A has other special properties, such as being especially rich in antioxidants. It is gluten-free, non-GMO, and lactose and soy-free, along with being all-natural. The bar has 50 calories and 2 grams of sugar. Get it in a 30-bar or a 60 or 90-bar pack.

Fiber-Filled Gummies

Fiber can stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and increase fullness, but a chalky fiber supplement can be unpleasant. Sweet Smarts Fruity Gummy Bears let you get 28 grams fiber – far more than most fiber supplements – in a great-tasting, fun gummy candy. The fiber includes prebiotic soluble fiber from tapioca.

Sweet Smarts Fruity Gummy Bears have no fat or added sugar, and only 90 calories per bag.  They are free from the sugar alcohols that are often in sugar-free candies and that can cause stomach upset. You will find raspberry, apple, lemon, and peach flavors in each bag. They are available in a single pouch or as a 6-pack or 12-pack. You can also get whopping doses of fiber from SmartSweets Sweet Fish, Sour Blast Buddies, and Sour Gummy Bears.

Vitamin C Drops

There is something nice about “unlimited” when you are on a restricted diet, and you may be able to get your fill with Sunkist Sours. They have only 2 calories each and are sugar-free. As you enjoy your sour citrus flavors, know that each 3-piece serving has 100% of the daily value of vitamin C. That is an antioxidant and essential vitamin for immune function and healthy joints.

Each box has 24 pieces. You can get Sunkist Sours in the Variety Pack or get single flavors of Tangerine Orange, Raspberry Lemonade, or Mango Pineapple. They come in 1, 6, and 12-packs.

Do you need a sweet taste with your supplement…or are you looking for sweets with a nutrient boost? It doesn’t matter, because The BariatricPal Store has it all, from nutrients to sugar-free treats.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Weight Loss Meal

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Weight Loss Meal 0

What is great-tasting, convenient, and packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals to help you lose weight? Our answer is an R-Kane Tiny Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar. Here is why.

Guilt-Free Deliciousness

The R-Kane Tiny Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar can satisfy even the strongest of peanut butter and chocolate cravings. It has a chewy core packed with peanut butter and protein, and is surrounded by a dark chocolate coating. Every bite has a combination of sweetness, saltiness, creaminess, and chewiness. That is almost good enough – but the R-Kane Tiny Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar can help you lose weight, too!

Nutritious and Filling Meal Replacement

Small, low-calorie, filling meals and snacks can help you lose weight. Each R-Kane Tiny Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar has only 170 calories, to keep you within your calorie budget, but it provides a whopping 15 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. These are considered filling nutrients because they work for hours to help prevent you from getting hungry again.

The R-Kane Tiny Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar has 20 to 30% of over 15 essential vitamins and minerals, including energy-producing B vitamins and antioxidant vitamins C and E. That means you get your nutrients while you use this as a meal replacement.

Meal and Snack Ideas

You can take your R-Kane Tiny Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar anywhere, and we suggest stashing some in places such as your pantry, desk drawer, car, and gym bag so they are there when you need them. Take a bar to work, to the gym, or for breakfast. You can also pair it with a string cheese stick or piece of fruit.

Ingredients to Make You Feel Good

R-Kane Tiny Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar contains no artery-clogging artificial trans fats or artificial preservatives. It has real peanuts and dark chocolate, plus it contains prebiotics to help foster a healthy gut. It has no aspartame, and only 6 grams of  or

There’s no reason to avoid your favorite flavors or struggle to find nutritious meal and snack options when you shop at The BariatricPal Store. R-Kane Tiny Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar is just one option for high-protein, low-sugar snacks. Enjoy!

Sunshine in January: Are You Getting Your Vitamin D?

Sunshine in January: Are You Getting Your Vitamin D? 0

As we approach the middle of winter, let’s talk about a pressing health concern: vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin.” During these months of long nights and low-intensity sunlight, vitamin D can be in short supply, at the expense of your health. There is a good chance that supplements can do you good, so here is the information.

Why Vitamin D?

Vitamin D may be most famous for its role in bone health, although it is sometimes overlooked in favor of the better-known nutrient calcium. Calcium is indeed the mineral that your bones need to stay strong as you grow older, but vitamin D is the nutrient that allows your body to optimally absorb calcium from food and supplements, and to use it properly once it is absorbed.

Vitamin D is not “just” for bones. Researchers constantly seem to be uncovering new roles of vitamin D in health, and it appears that even sub-clinically low levels of the vitamin – that is, not even an outright diagnosed deficiency – can be harmful. Consider the following:

  • Vitamin D may lower risk for certain cancers, type 1 diabetes mellitus, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Low vitamin D is linked to type 2 diabetes.
  • Vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sunshine and Food

Vitamin D is termed the “sunshine vitamin” because radiation from the sun triggers your skin to produce it for your body, but the system has flaws. You may not be getting enough vitamin D if:

  • You live in a northern climate.
  • You have darker skin.
  • You are an older adult.
  • You wear sunblock when you go outside.
  • You have had weight loss surgery.

Even if those risk factors do not apply to you, are you absolutely certain that you get out each day in the winter for the required average of 15 minutes? Or are there a few days, here and there, when you are too busy, or the weather is rainy, or you just forget?

As for food, well, most people cannot count on it to give them the vitamin D they need. Fatty fish, such as salmon, is really the only great natural source; some mushrooms, butter, and eggs provide a little, but not much. Some foods are fortified with vitamin D, but milk is the only one that is required, by law, to have it. Milk products such as cheese and yogurt may not.

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D supplements can help fill the gap between your requirements and your actual intake and production. It needn’t be burdensome to get your D. You can get it in a multivitamin, plus take extra if you need it in your favorite form, such as:

As always when you consider taking a supplement, talk to your doctor before you start. Discuss your concerns and your plans, and get your doctor’s approval before taking vitamin D.

To Your Health in 2018!

To Your Health in 2018! 0

Happy New Year from The BariatricPal Store! We want it to be your best yet, and for you to hit your weight loss goals. To help, we do not just have the protein foods and bariatric vitamins and nutritional supplements you need. We also have the gadgets that will help you make use of them. 

Protein Shaker Bottles 

The first nutrient you may count on a bariatric diet may be protein, and we have no doubt that you have stocked up on the protein shakes you need to hit your 65+ grams daily. What we are worried about is whether you have the means of getting those protein shakes when you need them. What happens when you have a protein powder and need to turn it into a shake? 

The BariatricPal Logo Protein Shaker Bottle gives you a way to get your protein shakes whenever wherever. It has an easy-shake whisk to keep clumps away when you add water or your favorite beverage to the bottle with protein powder. It is marked on the side so you know exactly how much you are drinking. 

Hydration Reminders 

Why would you work so hard to lose weight and be healthy and then throw it all away just because you forget to drink enough water each day? It is silly, but it actually happens to a lot of people as day after day, the hours slip by and you forget to keep hydrating. The results can include more hunger, less energy, more headaches, and more water retention. 

 A Hydration Reminder Water Bottle Attachment can solve the problem. It fits on any water bottle and turns on automatically during the day. Each time it detects when you forget to drink, it blinks to capture your attention and remind you. No worries about how it looks; you can choose from 7 colors to find the one that fits your style sense. 

Vitamin Dispensers 

You are not alone if you have trouble remembering to take your vitamins each day, or if you simply dread keeping track of it all. We feel your pain (and confusion!), which is why we are fans of Bariatric Vitamin Dispensers. It is an entire delivery system for vitamins you can drink.

 The system features:

It is a sugar-free, non-GMO vitamin shot to help prevent nutrient deficiencies after weight loss surgery!

Little helpers can make all the difference in following through with your intentions in 2018, and we have the latest gizmos and gadgets. Come on by the store for all your weight loss needs!

Let Chocolate Work for Your Health – Here’s How!

Let Chocolate Work for Your Health – Here’s How! 0


Chocolate tastes good and calls pretty loudly, but the price you pay for indulging can be steep. A slice of chocolate cake can have over 50 grams of carbs; a chocolate bar can have nearly 30 grams of sugar; and a chocolate ice cream cone can have half a day’s worth of fat. Instead of giving up your chocolate, you can hit up The BariatricPal Store for chocolate-flavored alternatives without nearly the sugar and fat of these treats, and with additional benefits, besides.

Curb Your Appetite

A sugary chocolate bar can drive up your blood sugar levels and lead to cravings later. Sugar-free Chocolate Caramel Curb Bites do the opposite. In a cool 30-calorie package, they deliver 7 grams of dietary fiber, which slows digestion and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Plus, this chocolate caramel bite has 400 mg of the appetite suppressant Hoodia. It’s easier to stick to your diet when you are not as hungry!

Boost Your Metabolism

Since when does eating chocolate burn calories and fat? Since you started taking Shapewise Sugar Free Chocolate Chews with CLA. Each serving of 3 chews has 1,000 mg of CLA, which has been reported to increase fat loss and metabolism, along with boosting blood sugar control.


Iron is an essential mineral for healthy red blood cells and a strong immune system, but women and bariatric surgery patients can be at risk for deficiency. Bariatric Advantage Chocolate Raspberry Iron Chewy Bites provide 30 mg of iron, along with 60 mg of vitamin C, which helps your body absorb iron and fight infections, too. The chews taste great, but are sugar free.

Build Your Bones

Rapid weight loss puts you at risk for faster bone mineral loss, and weight loss surgery puts your risk even higher. That is why experts suggest taking calcium supplements, because calcium is the major mineral in your bones. You can meet your needs from taking multiple huge capsules each day, or you can do it the easy way with Chewable Chocolate Calcium. Each chewable has 500 mg of calcium, plus other important bone nutrients, such as magnesium and vitamins D and K. It tastes so good that you will not mind taking your calcium!

Be Your Weight Loss Buddy

You do not need a specific health “excuse” to justify why you want chocolate. It tastes good, and that is enough of a reason. The BariatricPal Store has chocolate to take you through your day while delivering satisfying protein without excessive sugar. You can think of chocolate as your weight loss buddy when you choose Chocolate Protein Shakes and Puddings, Bars, Cookies, and even Cereal.

There is no need to even think about giving up chocolate to lose weight. Just choose carefully. From sun-up to sundown, you can use chocolate to lose weight and improve nutrition as you enjoy every dose of your chocolate “medicine.”

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