Which Vitamins Should You Get?

Which Vitamins Should You Get?

Abegail Fernandez

Protein is just the start of the list of nutrients you need for health and weight loss. The list gets long and complicated once you add the essential vitamins and minerals, but you cannot afford to skip any of them. The BariatricPal Store is doing everything possible to make it easy for you to select the nutrients you need in a form you love to take. Just check with your doctor about which nutrients you need, then pick them out at the store.

Vitamins by Type of Weight Loss Surgery

Each type of weight loss surgery puts you at risk for different nutrient deficiencies. Our vitamin packs for the Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Band, and Duodenal Switch are based on the latest ASMBS guidelines for bariatric surgery patients for each type of surgery. It can get confusing to try to figure out whether you need extra vitamin A, iron, calcium, and more, so we put the packs together to save yourself a headache.

Patch, Capsule, or Chewable?

Some people like getting it done with a capsule; others may enjoy a candy-like chew in a chocolate or fruit flavor. Still others may prefer to skip swallowing any form of vitamin – and that is what patches are for. We have all the vitamins and minerals you need in whatever form you prefer.

Multivitamins and More

A multivitamin is like an insurance policy against nutrient deficiencies. The foods you eat provide a lot of those vitamins and minerals, but a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement gives you solid doses of the full range of nutrients. This can be helpful if your diet is not perfectly balanced every single day – and let’s be realistic: whose diet really is perfect every day? The multivitamin and mineral is also practically a necessity when you are losing weight, since your total food intake may go down.

With a full-force multivitamin, why would you need even more? There are plenty of situations that can cause you to need extra amounts of certain vitamins and minerals. Women may need more iron. Older adults may need more calcium. Weight loss surgery patients can need more calcium, iron, B12 and more. Your best bet is to check with your doctor, then come back to The BariatricPal Store and pick up what you need.

Specialty Formulas and Patch Packs

You do not need to stop at the bare necessities for deficiency prevention. Some nutrients can work together to offer various benefits. We’ve put together specially picked packages to help you feel better, perform better, or ward off health problems in the future. Check our Patch Packs for energy, sleep, metabolism, active lifestyles, and even inner and outer peace!

Show that you put your health first by giving your body the nutrients it needs every day. Check with your doctor and then choose the vitamins and minerals that will keep you in tip-top shape and losing weight.


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