Nutrient Boosts You Cannot Resist

Nutrient Boosts You Cannot Resist

Alex Brecher

Everyone can use more nutrients, but sometimes taking those extra vitamins can be a drag. The BariatricPal Store has a lot of tricks for turning nutrient time from being a chore into wanting more. These are a few of our favorite products for getting more nutrients.

Bone-Building Dark Chocolate

Calcium is essential for bone health, but you can increase absorption when you take it separately from your regular multivitamin. Instead of swallowing a big capsule, nibbling on Procare Dark Chocolate with 500 mg calcium can be a bone-building event you look forward to. It comes with 500 IU vitamin D and a proprietary TruCal calcium preparation for better absorption. Vitamin D can also boost the immune system.

Procare Dark Chocolate A has other special properties, such as being especially rich in antioxidants. It is gluten-free, non-GMO, and lactose and soy-free, along with being all-natural. The bar has 50 calories and 2 grams of sugar. Get it in a 30-bar or a 60 or 90-bar pack.

Fiber-Filled Gummies

Fiber can stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and increase fullness, but a chalky fiber supplement can be unpleasant. Sweet Smarts Fruity Gummy Bears let you get 28 grams fiber – far more than most fiber supplements – in a great-tasting, fun gummy candy. The fiber includes prebiotic soluble fiber from tapioca.

Sweet Smarts Fruity Gummy Bears have no fat or added sugar, and only 90 calories per bag.  They are free from the sugar alcohols that are often in sugar-free candies and that can cause stomach upset. You will find raspberry, apple, lemon, and peach flavors in each bag. They are available in a single pouch or as a 6-pack or 12-pack. You can also get whopping doses of fiber from SmartSweets Sweet Fish, Sour Blast Buddies, and Sour Gummy Bears.

Vitamin C Drops

There is something nice about “unlimited” when you are on a restricted diet, and you may be able to get your fill with Sunkist Sours. They have only 2 calories each and are sugar-free. As you enjoy your sour citrus flavors, know that each 3-piece serving has 100% of the daily value of vitamin C. That is an antioxidant and essential vitamin for immune function and healthy joints.

Each box has 24 pieces. You can get Sunkist Sours in the Variety Pack or get single flavors of Tangerine Orange, Raspberry Lemonade, or Mango Pineapple. They come in 1, 6, and 12-packs.

Do you need a sweet taste with your supplement…or are you looking for sweets with a nutrient boost? It doesn’t matter, because The BariatricPal Store has it all, from nutrients to sugar-free treats.

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