To Your Health in 2018!

To Your Health in 2018!

Alex Brecher

Happy New Year from The BariatricPal Store! We want it to be your best yet, and for you to hit your weight loss goals. To help, we do not just have the protein foods and bariatric vitamins and nutritional supplements you need. We also have the gadgets that will help you make use of them. 

Protein Shaker Bottles 

The first nutrient you may count on a bariatric diet may be protein, and we have no doubt that you have stocked up on the protein shakes you need to hit your 65+ grams daily. What we are worried about is whether you have the means of getting those protein shakes when you need them. What happens when you have a protein powder and need to turn it into a shake? 

The BariatricPal Logo Protein Shaker Bottle gives you a way to get your protein shakes whenever wherever. It has an easy-shake whisk to keep clumps away when you add water or your favorite beverage to the bottle with protein powder. It is marked on the side so you know exactly how much you are drinking. 

Hydration Reminders 

Why would you work so hard to lose weight and be healthy and then throw it all away just because you forget to drink enough water each day? It is silly, but it actually happens to a lot of people as day after day, the hours slip by and you forget to keep hydrating. The results can include more hunger, less energy, more headaches, and more water retention. 

 A Hydration Reminder Water Bottle Attachment can solve the problem. It fits on any water bottle and turns on automatically during the day. Each time it detects when you forget to drink, it blinks to capture your attention and remind you. No worries about how it looks; you can choose from 7 colors to find the one that fits your style sense. 

Vitamin Dispensers 

You are not alone if you have trouble remembering to take your vitamins each day, or if you simply dread keeping track of it all. We feel your pain (and confusion!), which is why we are fans of Bariatric Vitamin Dispensers. It is an entire delivery system for vitamins you can drink.

 The system features:

It is a sugar-free, non-GMO vitamin shot to help prevent nutrient deficiencies after weight loss surgery!

Little helpers can make all the difference in following through with your intentions in 2018, and we have the latest gizmos and gadgets. Come on by the store for all your weight loss needs!

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