Let Chocolate Work for Your Health – Here’s How!

Let Chocolate Work for Your Health – Here’s How!

Abegail Fernandez


Chocolate tastes good and calls pretty loudly, but the price you pay for indulging can be steep. A slice of chocolate cake can have over 50 grams of carbs; a chocolate bar can have nearly 30 grams of sugar; and a chocolate ice cream cone can have half a day’s worth of fat. Instead of giving up your chocolate, you can hit up The BariatricPal Store for chocolate-flavored alternatives without nearly the sugar and fat of these treats, and with additional benefits, besides.

Curb Your Appetite

A sugary chocolate bar can drive up your blood sugar levels and lead to cravings later. Sugar-free Chocolate Caramel Curb Bites do the opposite. In a cool 30-calorie package, they deliver 7 grams of dietary fiber, which slows digestion and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Plus, this chocolate caramel bite has 400 mg of the appetite suppressant Hoodia. It’s easier to stick to your diet when you are not as hungry!

Boost Your Metabolism

Since when does eating chocolate burn calories and fat? Since you started taking Shapewise Sugar Free Chocolate Chews with CLA. Each serving of 3 chews has 1,000 mg of CLA, which has been reported to increase fat loss and metabolism, along with boosting blood sugar control.


Iron is an essential mineral for healthy red blood cells and a strong immune system, but women and bariatric surgery patients can be at risk for deficiency. Bariatric Advantage Chocolate Raspberry Iron Chewy Bites provide 30 mg of iron, along with 60 mg of vitamin C, which helps your body absorb iron and fight infections, too. The chews taste great, but are sugar free.

Build Your Bones

Rapid weight loss puts you at risk for faster bone mineral loss, and weight loss surgery puts your risk even higher. That is why experts suggest taking calcium supplements, because calcium is the major mineral in your bones. You can meet your needs from taking multiple huge capsules each day, or you can do it the easy way with Chewable Chocolate Calcium. Each chewable has 500 mg of calcium, plus other important bone nutrients, such as magnesium and vitamins D and K. It tastes so good that you will not mind taking your calcium!

Be Your Weight Loss Buddy

You do not need a specific health “excuse” to justify why you want chocolate. It tastes good, and that is enough of a reason. The BariatricPal Store has chocolate to take you through your day while delivering satisfying protein without excessive sugar. You can think of chocolate as your weight loss buddy when you choose Chocolate Protein Shakes and Puddings, Bars, Cookies, and even Cereal.

There is no need to even think about giving up chocolate to lose weight. Just choose carefully. From sun-up to sundown, you can use chocolate to lose weight and improve nutrition as you enjoy every dose of your chocolate “medicine.”

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