Stocking Up for Flu Season

Stocking Up for Flu Season

Alex Brecher

As Americans focus on ever-increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, it is important not to lose sight of another infectious disease: the flu. At higher risk for more serious cases of the flu are individuals with extreme obesity or with diabetes - and those describe a lot of bariatric surgery patients!

Though the 2020-2021 flu season is expected to be relatively light, it can be more important than ever to protect yourself this year. That is because the medical community worries about what may happen to patients who get the flu and are exposed to COVID-19. They urge all eligible patients to get the flu shot.

Another strategy for avoiding the flu is boosting your immunity. Your immune system requires a variety of nutrients to be at its best. The BariatricPal Store has a full range of products that you may want to have on hand this flu season, and to stock up on if you are thinking about a possible two-week quarantine if you are exposed to the novel coronavirus.


Protein is not just for weight loss and muscle mass. Your immune system depends on proteins to fight infections. Bariatric surgery patients are often low in protein, but we have all kinds of low-carb, low-sugar protein products to get you up to speed. Protein Shots, Protein Shakes and Bars, and Protein Meals and Snacks come in all forms and flavors.

Bariatric Multivitamins

A multivitamin is like an insurance policy against vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We have capsules, chewables, patches, and even liquids formulated specifically for bariatric surgery patients. They are also rich in nutrients that are necessary for proper immune function, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc.

Immune Defense Plus Patch

This patch has essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins C and E, zinc, and magnesium, that are involved in immune function. It also has natural herbal and oil extracts that have a tradition of being used for wellness and immunity, such as garlic, green tea leaf, licorice root, oregano, and black cumin seed extracts. Just apply a patch to clean, dry skin, and leave it for eight hours.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics are health-promoting gut bacteria, and prebiotics can feed probiotics. Their effects on immunity are well-known among patients who have taken antibiotics. A healthy gut microbiota profile is also linked to better weight and blood sugar control. Our supplements include capsules and you can also find probiotics in Flapjacked Muffins and BariatricPal Calcium Chews.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C may be the single best-known vitamin for the immune system, and it is available in our store as a chewable or melting supplement with iron. We also have the Vitamin C Plus PatchAid Patch, which is complete with phytonutrients such as citrus bioflavonoids and rutin.


The essential mineral zinc is one of the few that has been linked to shorter duration of colds when you take it in lozenge form at the onset of symptoms. It is available as capsules and tablets.

So much is riding on staying healthy this year, so why not do your best to boost your immune system? Along with eating right and sticking to your exercise program, your doctor may suggest taking certain supplements to maximize your immunity. Ask your healthcare provider what may be best for you, and stop by the store to stock up!

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