Tasty Vanilla Wafers

Tasty Vanilla Wafers

Kimberly Hembree

Do you have a food that makes you nostalgic and reminds you of your childhood? For me, it’s the vanilla wafers that come in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I used to go to my friend’s house and her grandmother would always give us one as a special treat. I later found them at the store but quickly realized how much sugar was in them. To my surprise, BariatricPal has their own healthier version!

The Vanilla Wafers brought me back to my childhood. They taste exactly like the vanilla wafers I grew up with, only better! They have a chocolate bottom that gives them an extra sweet flavor. The consistency is identical to other wafers and it doesn’t have a protein taste at all.

The stats on these are great! For one packet, there are 200 calories, 9g fat, 6g sugar, 13g carbs and 15g protein. It continues to amaze me how all BariatricPal products are full of this much protein. Sweet treats like this one are usually full of unnecessary sugar and don’t provide any nutritional value. You can enjoy one of these wafers without feeling guilty and knowing that you are on track with your protein goals for the day.

Try yours today! 

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