The Benefits of Using Portion-Control Containers for Bariatric Patients

The Benefits of Using Portion-Control Containers for Bariatric Patients

Alex Brecher

The way to lose weight is to cut calories, and though it sounds simple, there are a lot of ways to do it. You can have smaller portions, choose lower-calorie foods, count calories, or cut carbs, for example. Portion-control containers can make things way easier when it comes to sticking to your bariatric diet. 

The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of Portion-Control Tools to help you succeed. These tools can help you get the right macros and calories, eat well no matter where you are, and save time in meal planning and prepping. Here are some of the benefits of using portion-control containers for bariatric patients. 

1. Emphasize “How Much” Along with “What” You Eat

There are a lot of rules about what you eat on a bariatric surgery diet. Lean proteins are usually top of mind, and vegetables are also important. Slashing carbs and sugar, as well as excess fats, are usually part of the guidelines.

Portion-Control Containers can help you focus on the right macros. Portion Control Plates and Bowls, for example, have markings for the different types of foods that are recommended on a bariatric diet. There are markings for volumes such as 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 1 1/2 cup, and 2 cups, so you can decide how much of which foods to take.

2. Calorie and Carb Control without a Hassle

Counting calories and carbs can be cumbersome if it involves using an app and a scale. It’s easier just to use Portion-Control Containers. When you do, you’ll know exactly how much you’re getting and can keep it to the right amount. For example, fill up your Portion-Control Plate with the indicated amounts of proteins, non-starchy vegetables, and nutritious carbs, and you’ll be sure to have a calorie-controlled, low-carb meal that’s high in protein. Or, let your Bento Box guide you in getting protein, fruit or vegetables, and a small amount of fat.

3. Get Enough Protein Wherever You Are

A common challenge is getting enough protein, especially when you’re on the go. Portion-Control Tools that are leak proof and portable can help. A Shaker Bottle, for example, can carry your protein powder so all you have to do when it’s time is fill up your bottle with water or another liquid to the indicated line and shake it up before drinking it.

Similarly, you can carry protein of all types in BariatricPal Detachable, Stackable, and Portion-Controlled Storage Containers. They come in sets of four, and each contains four ounces. They’re ideal for the following types of protein:

  • Protein powder
  • Protein Snacks, such as Protein Chips or Puffs, Protein Cereal, or Protein 
  • Hard-boiled egg, cottage cheese or other high-protein foods if you have a fridge to store these items until it’s time to eat

4. Pack a Lunch

An effective way of cutting calories and carbs, and eating more nutrients, is to pack your own lunch instead of eating out. Fast food and casual restaurants are known for oversized portions and unhealthy menu items, and packing your own lunch lets you select foods and quantities more easily.

Instead of getting too many calories and carbs, and not enough fiber or antioxidants, just pack your healthy foods in a Portion-Control Container such as a Bariatric Bento Box. It has two separate compartments for your protein or vegetables, plus a small condiment container that can keep your salad dressing, peanut butter, or other condiment in check. It also has utensils that snap into the lid, so packing a lunch takes almost no time.

5. Eat More Slowly

Portion-Control Tools can help you eat more slowly, which is one of the main guidelines of your bariatric diet. It’s important to eat slowly because the brain doesn’t realize you’re full for a while after you start eating. Chewing your food well helps you slow down and digest better. Portion Control Utensils with a portable spoon, fork, and knife to help you take smaller bites.

6. Get Proper Portions Anywhere, Anytime

You’re not likely to carry a kitchen scale with you to restaurants or work, but you can always take Portion Control Utensils with a portable spoon, fork, and knife on the go. You can use them at restaurants, for example, when you’re served too much at a restaurant and you need to know how much of your order you should eat. They include collapsible measuring cups and spoons so they’re easy to take anywhere.

7. Save Money by Making Your Own Single-Serve Portions

Sometimes, packs of single-serving packages are more expensive per serving than if you bought a large pack of the item that’s not packaged in individual serving sizes. With Bariatric Portion Control Containers, such as the 4-pack that has 4-ounce containers, you can effectively make your own “single-serve packages.” Just fill the container and know that it’s the right amount for your snack.

8. Relax and It’ll Come Out Right

Portion-Control Containers can help you plan for the day, and execute that plan. For example, you can fill each of your Stackable Containers with the amount of protein or other foods you want to eat for the next few hours. Once they’re finished, you’ll know you’ve hit your nutrient goals for that time period without stress. 

9. Avoid Portion Pitfalls

It’s easy to take too much of high-calorie foods. That’s true even if they’re healthy, such as olive-oil based salad dressing, avocados, and peanut butter, when talking about fats, or brown rice or other whole grains when talking about starches. Using Collapsible Measuring Cups and Spoons while cooking can help you avoid adding too much. Similarly, sticking to the amount that the condiment compartment in the Bento Box holds can keep condiments in check at lunch.

Portion-Control Containers can help you eat the right amount and keep your protein and carbs in check without a hassle. Whether you choose Stackable Containers, Portion Control Plates and Bowls, a Bariatric Bento Box, Protein Shaker Bottles, or Measuring Cups and Spoons, you can get the right portions to stay on track.

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