Treat Your Taste Buds: Built Bar's Maple Donut Puff & Apple Pie Bars Hit the Shelves!

Treat Your Taste Buds: Built Bar's Maple Donut Puff & Apple Pie Bars Hit the Shelves!

Alex Brecher

Hey snack enthusiasts and health-conscious pals! If you've been on the hunt for some new treats that can keep up with your fitness goals, I've got some sweet news for you! 🥳 BariatricPal Store has dropped two amazing new Built Bar flavors that are seriously buzzworthy. Let's dig in!

Built Bar Protein Puffs - Maple Donut Puff - One Bar

First up, we're talking about the Built Bar Protein Puffs - Maple Donut Puff. I mean, who doesn't love the rich, cozy taste of a maple donut? 🍁 But if you're worried about the sugar and calories that typically come with such indulgence, no stress—these puffs have your back. They are the ultimate guilt-free pleasure, boasting a superb protein punch to fuel your day without crashing your diet. They're pretty much your morning coffee's best friend!

Built Bar Protein Bars - Apple Pie - One Bar

Now, let's chat about the Built Bar Protein Bars - Apple Pie flavor. Imagine sinking your teeth into the flavors of homemade apple pie...YUM. But this is no ordinary dessert, folks. It's a protein bar crafted to keep you full and satisfied, all while sticking to your health goals. And because it's packed with quality protein, you get to treat your muscles to some well-deserved nutrition too! 🍎💪

Here's the skinny on why these bars are more than just delicious:

  • High in Protein: Essential for muscle recovery and keeping you full between meals.
  • Low Calorie: Enjoy the decadent flavors without the calorie overload.
  • Low Sugar: Keep your blood sugar levels happy without sacrificing taste.

Don't Stop There!

If you've already fallen for these two newcomers, don't forget to check out the whole range of Built Bar products at the BariatricPal Store. Whether you're team protein puff or bar, these guys offer a variety of flavors to keep your taste buds on their toes while you stay on track with your fitness journey. Find your next favorite here.

Ready to bite into these delightful new Built Bar additions? Your taste buds (and muscles) will thank you. Embrace the healthier way to indulge! And as always, stay tuned for the latest and greatest in tasty, nutritional treats.

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