Upside Down Bakery Keto Brownie, Muffin, and Pancake Cups

Upside Down Bakery Keto Brownie, Muffin, and Pancake Cups

Alex Brecher

What is the hardest part about following a keto diet? Is it giving up favorite foods such as pancakes, brownies, and muffins? Is it difficulty finding products that are not made with a list of artificial ingredients? Is it a lack of easy-to-prepare meals and snacks that taste good but are allowed on the diet?

Each of these can make following a keto diet more challenging, but Upside Down Bakery Keto Cups can turn this around. The BariatricPal Store offers these great-tasting treats in low-carb versions of brownies, muffins, and pancakes. Who knew weight loss could taste so good?

Low-Carb Greatness

Upside Down Bakery Keto Cups have only 3 grams of net carbs, and are designed to keep you on your keto, low-carb, or high-protein meal plan. Each serving has 11 grams of protein, which is more than you might get from regular brownies, pancakes, and muffins. They have no added sugars, but are not sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as allulose and monk fruit. Upside Down Bakery Keto Cups are available as single cups, or you can purchase a 3-pack or opt for a Variety Pancake with all three varieties for you to enjoy.

Pancakes or Muffins for Breakfast

Some of the best breakfast items are ridiculously high in carbohydrates and sugars...until now. Instead of eating a stack of pancakes with syrup containing 70 grams of carbs and 20 grams of sugar, or a blueberry muffin with 70 grams of carbs and 40 grams of sugar, try Upside Down Bakery Keto Cups in Blueberry Muffin and Buttermilk Maple. You can stir cottage cheese or cream cheese into your muffin cup, or top your pancake cup with sliced bananas, pecans, or blueberries.

Brownies for Dessert (Or Anytime)

Upside Down Bakery Keto Cups also come in Double Fudge Brownie. It is as decadent as it sounds, but not as high in butter, sugar, and flour as regular brownies. They are made with real cocoa and may be just what you need to stay on track with your diet. If you like, you can top your cooked brownie cup with chopped walnuts, sliced strawberries, or peanut butter.

Ready in a Jif for Anytime Treats

You do not even need to mix up a batch of pancake, brownie, or muffin mix and bake these treats before eating them. Instead, just remove the seal, add water, mix, and microwave for a minute. They are ready to go - and perfectly portioned in single-serving cups! Make them at home or at work if you have a microwave, and have them on the spot or take them with you in the car.

Upside Down Bakery Keto Cups can help you stick to your diet by satisfying cravings and increasing convenience. In a minute, you can have great-tasting cups that only taste like they are high in carbohydrates and sugar. How good do you think it will feel to have the pounds peel off as you eat muffins, brownies, and pancakes?

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