ChocZero Sea Salt Caramels

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Indulge guilt-free in the sweet symphony of ChocZero's Keto-Friendly 🍬 Sugar-Free 🚫 Gluten-Free Caramels! 🌿✨

Satisfy your cravings with ChocZero's luscious sugar-free caramels that redefine the meaning of richness! Heavenly goodness packed into individually wrapped candies. 🍯💖

Discover endless possibilities as these delectable treats can be melted down to create a divine zero-sugar caramel sauce, baked into keto cookies for irresistibly gooey caramel bits, or enjoyed by the handful for a healthy and satisfying dessert experience! 🍪🍬🌈
Why choose ChocZero's Sea Salt Caramels?
🌱 Sweetened with monk fruit – no sugar alcohols or corn syrup!
🎁 Each caramel is elegantly wrapped in wax paper twists for a touch of luxury.
🌊 Infused with fine Celtic sea salt and kettle-cooked to perfection for a classic, irresistible recipe.

Say goodbye to sugar cravings and hello to a world of delightful flavors with ChocZero's  mouthwatering sugar-free caramel candy chews! 🌟👅

Unlock the secret to guilt-free indulgence today! Elevate your snacking experience with ChocZero's irresistibly delicious keto caramels. Order now and treat yourself to the ultimate blend of sweetness and health. 🛒🎉 #SweetFreedom #KetoIndulgence #SugarFreeSweets

Produced in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts.

    * This product is sensitive to heat. During summer months, please consider purchasing our Cold Pack Service to avoid possible melting. Also consider upgrading to Priority shipping or 2-day Air as the cold pack service only guarantees 36 hours of protection. Unfortunately, BariatricPal cannot control weather conditions which could affect products once an order has left our warehouse. We promptly ship all orders from our climate-controlled warehouse, but extreme temperature fluctuations during transit are out of our control.  No returns, exchanges or credits on products that might have been affected by melting.

    Simple Solution to a Sticky Situation: If you encounter product melting issues, place boxes of bars or unopened items in the refrigerator for about an hour. For best results, minimize handling of individually wrapped products as much as possible. Although appearance may be slightly altered, items will re-harden with no loss of nutrition or taste.

    ChocZero Sea Salt Caramels

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