Sukrin Gold

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  • Low Carb, Sugar Free
  • Brown Sugar Alternative
  • Non-GMO, 0 Calories
  • Gluten Free

Sukrin Gold is an all-natural, gluten free, low-calorie, low carb alternative to brown sugar with an aroma, sweetness, flavor and texture of brown sugar. Perfect in tea and coffee, for sugar free baking and desserts without compromising on taste, and wherever you would normally use regular brown sugar.

Sukrin Gold is mainly erythritol, which is a polyol. Polyols are carbohydrates that have no effect on blood sugar. To make Sukrin Gold, they ferment glucose from Non-GMO corn starch with a natural culture, much like the process used in the production of cheese and yogurt. The resultant liquid is dried, and a little Stevia is added along with malt to give the flavor, aroma and texture of brown sugar, but with 97% less available carbohydrates, and less than 1 GI. Sukrin Gold has no effect on blood sugar. Sukrin Gold contains no artificial colors, additives or preservatives.


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